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    evanfuchs reacted to Mr Pennyworth in GIF Search: Workflow for Searching and Browsing GIFs   
    @evanfuchs aha! got it!
    That's such a bad bug!!
    Thanks so much for reporting it
    I fixed it in v0.0.5, download it and give it a go
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    evanfuchs got a reaction from Mr Pennyworth in GIF Search: Workflow for Searching and Browsing GIFs   
    Sure, sorry about that. The workflow is working as expected, but I am finding an unexpected issue the Clipboard History Viewer related to the workflow.
    The typical behavior after triggering the Clipboard History Viewer (for example, using the keyword clipboard), is that RETURN will paste the selected item into the foreground app, while COMMAND-C will copy that item back to the clipboard so you can paste it elsewhere without automatically pasting into the foreground app.
    After installing and running this workflow, COMMAND-C puts /Users/<username>/Library/Caches/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred/Workflow Data/mr.pennyworth.gif/selected.gif on the clipboard.
    If I run killall AlfredGifBrowser, the issue with Clipboard History Viewer goes away.
    I hope I'm explaining it clearly.
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    evanfuchs reacted to vitor in Restoring clipboard contents after "Copy to Clipboard" action   
    Connect two Copy to Clipboard Output, but add a Delay Utility between them (even 0.5 seconds worked, in my tests). On the second Copy to Clipboard Output, have {clipboard:1} instead of {query}.
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    evanfuchs got a reaction from dfay in Fuzzy, self-updating list filter workflow template   
    That's perfect. Thank you. I didn't know that's how you pass the argument 😬
    I had also tried changing the script filter to "with input as query" and passing the file name in the Alfred window, but I got an error either way. This was super helpful.
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    evanfuchs reacted to Mr Pennyworth in GIF Search: Workflow for Searching and Browsing GIFs   
    Alfred GIF Search
    Download: Gif.Search.alfredworkflow
    Up-to-date README (this post is outdated)

    This workflow lets you search GIFs on Tenor from Alfred.

    Here's an example of searching and inserting a GIF in a google doc:

    Download the latest release. In Alfred, run .setup-gif-search.
    In Alfred, enter gif keyword followed by search query. Press ↩. Use arrow keys or mouse to browse the GIFs. To copy the selected GIF to clipboard: either ⌘↩ or ⌘-click To drop the GIF into apps that support it: drag from Alfred and drop into that app

    Firefox and Chrome don't support pasting GIFs from clipboard. That is, if you copy a GIF to clipboard and paste it, it shows up as a static image, not an animated GIF. This is not a bug in this workflow, but rather just the way these browsers have decided to handle GIFs.

    Both Chrome and Firefox support drag-n-drop. If you use either of these browsers, sorry, you gotta use the mouse!
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    evanfuchs reacted to Andrew in Possible to chain snippets with key combo inbetween?   
    In a workflow, you can chain as many objects and actions as you need. For example, what you need may looks something like this:

    The Snippet Trigger responds to typing :test which is connected to a Copy to Clipboard output object. You place your snippet text in this object and configure it to automatically paste.
    Adding a Delay Utility (set to something very small, e.g. less than a second) will allow a short amount of time for the underlying app to respond to the paste. The Dispatch Key Combo object will simulate the key presses you like. Just add more delays, key combos, and copy to clipboard objects as you need.
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    evanfuchs reacted to rob213 in Evernote Tip: a quick way to open frequently accessed individual Evernote notes using Alfred → Features → Custom WebSearch   
    I have 12,000 + Evernote notes, a few of which I access multiple times a day.
    I was looking for a quick way to access those notes in Evernote desktop and configure Alfred to do so.
    In Evernote, I right click on the note in the notes list → in the context menu you see Copy Note Link - do NOT choose that option. Instead press the option key and a new menu item will appear called Copy Classic Note Link → click on  Copy Classic Note Link → go to Alfred → Features → Web Search → new custom search → paste the link as the URL, assign title and keyword, etc.
    If you want the evernote note to open in the web version of evernote, use copy note link above instead of copy classic note link.
    I find this method much faster than going through Evernote search workflows
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    evanfuchs reacted to luckman212 in ClipSaver - save images from clipboard history to PNG files   
    Hey guys,
    Thought I'd share this little workflow. I found myself often needing to dump out the last N clipboard images from Alfred's history to disk. It was tedious before, find the right item, copy it back to the pasteboard, paste into Preview, save as PNG, give it a non-overlapping name, etc. So I created this to make it semi-automatic. Shouldn't need anything special, but please let me know if you run into any trouble.
    Feedback welcome! One thing for sure I would like some advice on is whether the Script Filter (Python) could be turned back into a List Comprehension which from what I've read is more efficient. I couldn't figure out how to do that and also dynamically update the database rows (e.g. converting "/" to " / " so that Alfred's word matching would match correctly, picking a nicer generic icon when app name==null etc). @deanishe if you have time I'm sure you know the answer to this...  

    README & download:
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    evanfuchs reacted to xgo in "Save as" menu   
    I'm bumping this because I had this exact same thought yesterday and started thinking about implementation options. Amazing to see this has been done before
    e.g. in Chrome, all PDFs that I want to download have a save prompt with default location "downloads" – using this shortcut I can now easily download into the needed directory without having to open a finder window and drag-and-drop its icon into the save prompt. "sheet" trigger works flawlessly.
    6y thanks, @Tyler Eich!
    EDIT: sometimes I seem to get a double entry i.e. the filepath is entered in the cmd-shift-g prompt then entered as file name then saved immediately. I bruteforce fixed this by adding a slight delay before the 'return' key is captured
    tell sheet 1 keystroke parentFolder delay 0.1 keystroke return end tell  
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    evanfuchs reacted to robgill in 1Password Feature Stopped Working   
    I recently came across this exact same error after running a CleanMyMac scan, which deleted all meta data for most of my apps, including 1Password.
    I've done this many times before with no issue. But I also recently moved my 1Password Vaults from Dropbox sync to having a 1Password Family Account (meaning I've removed my local vaults).

    This meant, no matter what you do (restart 1Password, restart mac) the meta data files that are needed to tie Alfred and 1Password together are not recreated!
    The Fix
    Go to 1Password settings > Advanced > Check the box for "Allow create of vaults outside of 1Password accounts"
    This does then create the necessary meta data and thus ties Alfred back to 1Password, you can unchecked this box again after this process and Alfred will still work with 1Password
    Hope that helps someone if you have a similar issue!
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    evanfuchs reacted to GuiB in selection in macos + keyword   
    @evanfuchs, yeah nofile.io seems to be down... not sure they will get back, but here is what I think are the 2 last scripts from my posts above.
    My answer regarding @Jasondm007 's script (using AppleScript): https://d.pr/f/2yFEeJ
    My other script (using Bash): https://d.pr/f/yLrWRS
    Hope this help!
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    evanfuchs reacted to xilopaint in Make PopClip Appear   
    Hey, I've just built it!
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    evanfuchs reacted to ibnuh in Character & Word Counter Workflow   
    Github Repo: https://github.com/ibnuh/alfred-character-counter-workflow

    Character & Word Counter for Alfred
    An Alfred Workflow that count character & word for you
    Download from Release 1.0
    Keyword: cw
    Clone the repository Open your favourite terminal
    composer install Credits
    Icons by flaticon.com PHP helper class for Alfred Workflows by joetannenbaum/alfred-workflow
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    evanfuchs got a reaction from erusev in Is it possible to set multiple hotkeys?   
    I don't think this can be done within settings, but two workarounds:
    - If you have Keyboard Maestro it's simple to assign a "hot key trigger" (whatever key combo you want to use for Alfred) to a macro that simulates the keystroke that is already set in Alfred. For example, you can tell KM to fire command-space when you press x and it will show Alfred (if you have the Alfred Trigger set to command-space in settings)
    - Another solution would be to set up a Hotkey in Alfred that simulates a key combo using AppleScript. Like this to show Alfred :
    on alfred_script(q)    tell application "System Events" to keystroke {Space} using {command down} end alfred_script Not sure if there are any downsides, like delay or conflicts, to doing it internally with Alfred using the Hotkey+AppleScript.
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    evanfuchs reacted to deanishe in How do I call for the "iCloud Drive" folder?   
    Can you not upload your workflow somewhere more permanent?
    Expired links are an ongoing problem on the forum.
    Folks with the same problem/question come along later, find just the thing they're looking for, but it's gone because whoever posted it only uploaded it to some transitory service.
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    evanfuchs got a reaction from Bhishan in [SOLVED] How to write an Alfred workflow to "go to bottom of GitHub page and click Commit Changes" button ?   
    I use a web-based software that is all button clicks with no keyboard shortcuts. Switching back and forth from mouse to keyboard drives me nuts. If the button is visible on the page, Keyboard Maestro's "Click at found image" is good for this sort of thing.
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    evanfuchs reacted to dfay in Problem with Alfred not using Alfred scope on Folder file filter   
    Just add the tag alfred:ignore to the file or folder - works for me anyway.
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    evanfuchs reacted to dfay in Fuzzy, self-updating list filter workflow template   
    # fuzzylist
    Fuzzy, self-updating list filter workflow for Alfred 3
    This is a workflow template - it does nothing as is.
    ## Usage:
    - create a csv file like you would for an Alfred List Filter
    - name the file *list.csv* and add it to the workflow directory
    On the initial run, the workflow will create a file list.json for output to the fuzzy search.  If list.csv is modified, it will update list.json .  
    ## Credits
    - uses fuzzy.py by @deanishe - https://github.com/deanishe/alfred-fuzzy
    ## Download
    workflow at https://github.com/derickfay/fuzzylist/blob/master/Fuzzy List Filter.alfredworkflow
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    evanfuchs reacted to vitor in If no {query} do X, if {query} do Y   
    There you go. The trick is to make the argument optional in the Keyword and then have two Filters, each connected to a different address. The first only fires if {query} is equal to nothing, and the second if it is not equal to nothing (i.e. it is equal to something).

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    evanfuchs reacted to GuiB in Funnel (a variant of the Pipe workflow)   
    Not without touching the code, but here I made it works for you. However, note that this would get reverted if you update to a newer @ctwise update if he don't make the change to his workflow.
    In short, in "filters.json" change "perl -nle" to "perl -ne" for the "lowercase" and "uppercase" actions. Change line 79 (print $_, "\n";)  in the file "titlecase.pl" to  "print $_;" and line 37 ($line =~ s/^([ \t]*)(\d+\. |[\*\+\-] )?\s*(.*)/${1}${3}\n\n/;) in the file "bulletlist.pl" to "$line =~ s/^([ \t]*)(\d+\. |[\*\+\-] )?\s*(.*)/${1}${3}/;"
    Download: https://nofile.io/f/B3kpSz6Pxom/Funnel.alfredworkflow
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    evanfuchs reacted to octothorpe in Alfred official theme and workflow galleries   
    I've been using Alfred Powerpack since v1 and love it. The one huge omission is that there should really be a better way of discovering themes and workflows. Alfred is a mature, polished and well-developed app by now, and it seems weird to send people to either trudge through forum threads or go to some third-party site instead of coming up with something official. 
    These guys are doing it in a really smart way that feels much more inviting and fun -- a gallery which accomodates user-submitted themes: https://styles.ulyssesapp.com
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    evanfuchs reacted to nikivi in Keylue (Key Clue): Alfred 2 Workflow for Menu Bar and Keyboard Maestro Hot Key Search   
    Alternatively you can use this to search keyboard maestro macros and this for searching the menu bar quickly. I used Keylue before but replaced it fully with these two workflows.
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    evanfuchs reacted to deanishe in Keylue (Key Clue): Alfred 2 Workflow for Menu Bar and Keyboard Maestro Hot Key Search   
    Usually, you can fix that by digging around in the workflow and renaming the directory the Ruby gems (libraries) are in to match the new Ruby version. So, if it’s called “2.0”, rename it to “2.3”.
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    evanfuchs reacted to Ripcordian in Clean Up Icons   
    Added a row to automatically switch back to the application that was active when you envoked the script (wich puts foucs on the desktop). This means no windows will disapear, but instead there will be a slight flicker.
    on alfred_script(q) activate application "Finder" tell application "System events" keystroke "1" using {option down, command down} keystroke tab using {command down} end tell end alfred_script
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