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    evanfuchs reacted to robgill in 1Password Feature Stopped Working   
    I recently came across this exact same error after running a CleanMyMac scan, which deleted all meta data for most of my apps, including 1Password.
    I've done this many times before with no issue. But I also recently moved my 1Password Vaults from Dropbox sync to having a 1Password Family Account (meaning I've removed my local vaults).

    This meant, no matter what you do (restart 1Password, restart mac) the meta data files that are needed to tie Alfred and 1Password together are not recreated!
    The Fix
    Go to 1Password settings > Advanced > Check the box for "Allow create of vaults outside of 1Password accounts"
    This does then create the necessary meta data and thus ties Alfred back to 1Password, you can unchecked this box again after this process and Alfred will still work with 1Password
    Hope that helps someone if you have a similar issue!
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    evanfuchs reacted to GuiB in selection in macos + keyword   
    @evanfuchs, yeah nofile.io seems to be down... not sure they will get back, but here is what I think are the 2 last scripts from my posts above.
    My answer regarding @Jasondm007 's script (using AppleScript): https://d.pr/f/2yFEeJ
    My other script (using Bash): https://d.pr/f/yLrWRS
    Hope this help!
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    evanfuchs reacted to xilopaint in Make PopClip Appear   
    Hey, I've just built it!
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    evanfuchs reacted to ibnuh in Character & Word Counter Workflow   
    Github Repo: https://github.com/ibnuh/alfred-character-counter-workflow

    Character & Word Counter for Alfred
    An Alfred Workflow that count character & word for you
    Download from Release 1.0
    Keyword: cw
    Clone the repository Open your favourite terminal
    composer install Credits
    Icons by flaticon.com PHP helper class for Alfred Workflows by joetannenbaum/alfred-workflow
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    evanfuchs got a reaction from erusev in Is it possible to set multiple hotkeys?   
    I don't think this can be done within settings, but two workarounds:
    - If you have Keyboard Maestro it's simple to assign a "hot key trigger" (whatever key combo you want to use for Alfred) to a macro that simulates the keystroke that is already set in Alfred. For example, you can tell KM to fire command-space when you press x and it will show Alfred (if you have the Alfred Trigger set to command-space in settings)
    - Another solution would be to set up a Hotkey in Alfred that simulates a key combo using AppleScript. Like this to show Alfred :
    on alfred_script(q)    tell application "System Events" to keystroke {Space} using {command down} end alfred_script Not sure if there are any downsides, like delay or conflicts, to doing it internally with Alfred using the Hotkey+AppleScript.
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    evanfuchs reacted to deanishe in How do I call for the "iCloud Drive" folder?   
    Can you not upload your workflow somewhere more permanent?
    Expired links are an ongoing problem on the forum.
    Folks with the same problem/question come along later, find just the thing they're looking for, but it's gone because whoever posted it only uploaded it to some transitory service.
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    evanfuchs got a reaction from Bhishan in [SOLVED] How to write an Alfred workflow to "go to bottom of GitHub page and click Commit Changes" button ?   
    I use a web-based software that is all button clicks with no keyboard shortcuts. Switching back and forth from mouse to keyboard drives me nuts. If the button is visible on the page, Keyboard Maestro's "Click at found image" is good for this sort of thing.
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    evanfuchs reacted to dfay in Problem with Alfred not using Alfred scope on Folder file filter   
    Just add the tag alfred:ignore to the file or folder - works for me anyway.
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    evanfuchs reacted to dfay in Fuzzy, self-updating list filter workflow template   
    # fuzzylist
    Fuzzy, self-updating list filter workflow for Alfred 3
    This is a workflow template - it does nothing as is.
    ## Usage:
    - create a csv file like you would for an Alfred List Filter
    - name the file *list.csv* and add it to the workflow directory
    On the initial run, the workflow will create a file list.json for output to the fuzzy search.  If list.csv is modified, it will update list.json .  
    ## Credits
    - uses fuzzy.py by @deanishe - https://github.com/deanishe/alfred-fuzzy
    ## Download
    workflow at https://github.com/derickfay/fuzzylist/blob/master/Fuzzy List Filter.alfredworkflow
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    evanfuchs reacted to vitor in If no {query} do X, if {query} do Y   
    There you go. The trick is to make the argument optional in the Keyword and then have two Filters, each connected to a different address. The first only fires if {query} is equal to nothing, and the second if it is not equal to nothing (i.e. it is equal to something).

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    evanfuchs reacted to GuiB in Funnel (a variant of the Pipe workflow)   
    Not without touching the code, but here I made it works for you. However, note that this would get reverted if you update to a newer @ctwise update if he don't make the change to his workflow.
    In short, in "filters.json" change "perl -nle" to "perl -ne" for the "lowercase" and "uppercase" actions. Change line 79 (print $_, "\n";)  in the file "titlecase.pl" to  "print $_;" and line 37 ($line =~ s/^([ \t]*)(\d+\. |[\*\+\-] )?\s*(.*)/${1}${3}\n\n/;) in the file "bulletlist.pl" to "$line =~ s/^([ \t]*)(\d+\. |[\*\+\-] )?\s*(.*)/${1}${3}/;"
    Download: https://nofile.io/f/B3kpSz6Pxom/Funnel.alfredworkflow
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    evanfuchs reacted to octothorpe in Alfred official theme and workflow galleries   
    I've been using Alfred Powerpack since v1 and love it. The one huge omission is that there should really be a better way of discovering themes and workflows. Alfred is a mature, polished and well-developed app by now, and it seems weird to send people to either trudge through forum threads or go to some third-party site instead of coming up with something official. 
    These guys are doing it in a really smart way that feels much more inviting and fun -- a gallery which accomodates user-submitted themes: https://styles.ulyssesapp.com
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    evanfuchs reacted to nikivi in Keylue (Key Clue): Alfred 2 Workflow for Menu Bar and Keyboard Maestro Hot Key Search   
    Alternatively you can use this to search keyboard maestro macros and this for searching the menu bar quickly. I used Keylue before but replaced it fully with these two workflows.
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    evanfuchs reacted to deanishe in Keylue (Key Clue): Alfred 2 Workflow for Menu Bar and Keyboard Maestro Hot Key Search   
    Usually, you can fix that by digging around in the workflow and renaming the directory the Ruby gems (libraries) are in to match the new Ruby version. So, if it’s called “2.0”, rename it to “2.3”.
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    evanfuchs reacted to Ripcordian in Clean Up Icons   
    Added a row to automatically switch back to the application that was active when you envoked the script (wich puts foucs on the desktop). This means no windows will disapear, but instead there will be a slight flicker.
    on alfred_script(q) activate application "Finder" tell application "System events" keystroke "1" using {option down, command down} keystroke tab using {command down} end tell end alfred_script
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    evanfuchs reacted to mcskrzypczak in Drag and drop for File buffer   
    My idea is to get more from File buffer ability. It is superb right now, but I think it could be even better with drag and drop. What I mean is to select files into buffer and then would be possible to drag those anywhere we want to drop. Similar to DragonDrop app.
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    evanfuchs reacted to Vero in iOS keyboard text expansion   
    Part of what we believe sets Alfred apart from many other apps out there is that we're very mindful about which new features are added, and how they're implemented. This helps us avoid feature-bloat and ensures new features are useful to as many users as possible. Whether an iOS counterpart is created or not is something we'll carefully consider, and establish where resources are best used to keep making Alfred the best, sleekest productivity tool you could wish for.
    As you know very well, Alfred is so much more than a text expansion tool; the snippets auto-expansion is a featured we had planned as an evolution of the existing clipboard and snippets feature, with a holistic view of how Alfred helps users get their work done. It's not necessarily intended as a replacement for the handful of users who require the most advanced features provided by dedicated, single-purpose tools.
    We have amazing plans for Alfred 3 and for snippets, and we're listening to feature suggestions along the way, so you can be confident that we'll take Alfred in the right direction as we've done for the past 6 years
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    evanfuchs reacted to Vero in Search Calendar Events   
    Here's the Calendar search I use for Apple's own Calendar:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/aa2y8morc97k5r3/Calendar search.alfredworkflow?dl=0
    Type "cal" followed by the name of your calendar entry to see the results in Alfred, e.g. "cal dentist"
    As I'm not familiar with BusyCal, you may need to tweak the workflow, but if it just uses the Calendar app's data without modifying it, it should just work out of the box
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    evanfuchs reacted to Vero in Appearance settings lost on restart [Resolved]   
    It sounds like there may still be a bit of permissions corruption which, as you say, may or may not have been caused by the latest update.
    1. Could you please temporarily un-sync your preferences (e.g. by setting the folder to ~/Documents/Alfred/) then see whether your preferences save correctly?
    2. If your preferences do save correctly at that stage, please create a new, different sync location on Dropbox and try again. 
    3. If that also works fine, you'll just need to make sure that, if you're syncing two Macs, you go to the second Mac, wait until Dropbox has finished updating (including downloading the newly set preferences) and select this location in Alfred's preferences, so that both Macs look at the same prefs.
    Once you've done all this and you're satisfied that the new preferences contain everything you need, you can discard the old ones.
    Let me know how you get on
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    evanfuchs reacted to Andrew in Search contents within file name search results   
    You have hit a limitation of the file filter in its present form - this is something which I am going to look at improving in the future!
    I'm sure I've seen a workflow by one of Alfred's longer term enthusiasts which does advanced file filtering with scripting, but I can't seem to find it right now... hopefully somebody else can chime in here.
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    evanfuchs reacted to Vero in Numerous apps not showing up?   
    Have you taken a look at the steps in the Indexing page?
    Also, when reindexing from Alfred, be sure to check the box for "Delete /.Spotlight-V100" so that OS X can build a full fresh index. Once it has completed (up to an hour), type "reload" into Alfred to refresh the app cache.
    If you still can't find your apps, could you please drag of one of the apps Alfred can't find into the Metadata tool and copy the output into this thread?
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    evanfuchs reacted to stuartcryan in Advanced Google Maps and Apple Maps Search Workflow - Version 2.0.2 Release 12 February 2018   
    Howdy all,
    So, for you fine people who have given me so many awesome workflows, I give you the Advanced Google Maps AND NOW APPLE MAPS Search Workflow available on Github --> https://github.com/stuartcryan/advanced-google-maps-alfred-workflow.
    A couple of quick things:
    Didn't you just release a major update 1.3.0? Yahuh, I most certainly did, however after that some amazing ideas came out of the woodworks, and it became a mere stepping stone to what the workflow is today. Why didn't you wait to release 2.0.0? Quite simply, I thought it was complete, however, like I mentioned above, some GREAT ideas came out in the week after release from some passionate members of the community, and I figured, WHY NOT! In putting these in, I was able to create added flexibility when re-working the code base, to support several features that previously, were not possible. Why 2.0.0 not 1.4.0? The 2.0.0 release has changed a lot, including adding Apple Maps Support, new updating mechanism, all new location for configuration, and other major changes. Hence 2.0.0 seemed more appropriate. Why 2.0.1? @deanishe found a bug in his favourite part of the flow he had been waiting for... it has now been squashed!  
    So please enjoy, this release has had EXTENSIVE testing prior to release, I have to say I am pretty chuffed with it all around!
    Easy directions from or to multiple locations, using either Google Maps or Apple Maps. Now includes custom locations in addition to just home and work, auto updating, and a wealth of new features for you to sink your teeth into.
    Getting to Know the Flow - Course available for $14.99USD
    With the explosion of features, added configuration complexity, and awesomeness of the 2.0.0 major release (and overhaul), I have opted for a different tact, to ensure the support overhead is limited.
    I have put together an hour long course for only $14.99USD that covers off every configuration option of the workflow, how to get up and running, getting into the advanced nitty gritty, and so on.
    The course will be updated as any new usability or training needs are identified, and I will commit to the course being updated through the entire V2.0.0 release. I do reserve the right to extend that to the next release if I later choose.
    Version 1.3.0 and version 2.0.1 represent almost the entirety of my holiday break over December-2017 and January-2018. I would anticipate I have over $6000 in time into this flow for these two versions alone, plus costs for the new logo, and costs for Closed Captioning.
    So don't delay and check out the course, there are a few videos set to preview so you can try before you buy!

    Alternatively if a course is not your thing... You can just donate to me directly! If everyone who downloaded gave $20, that would make me a very happy camper and give me something back for my time, it would also enable me to have a custom icon set created for the flow.
    So if you love the workflow, get use out of it every day, and would love to see me continuing development, a donation is a great way. You can either donate to me via Fundly which gives the option of a re-occurring donation and also has some suggestions, donate to me via Patreon (if that is your preference) or donate to me via Paypal which is nice and easy.
    2.0.0+ Release Compatibility Information
    In 1.3.0 the home and work locations, required setting up again due to a bug with special characters.
    In 2.0.0 the home and work locations have been moved out of the keychain (which was a legacy method of handling them before Alfred had workflow environment variables). Old locations can still be used as they would have without further intervention. However, the mapsethome and mapsetwork commands have now been removed. To add/update these now you must do so on the workflow environment variables config screen. I would also recommend you run 'zcleanmapsoldaddresses' to remove the old addresses from your Apple keychain.
    Ensure you have Alfred installed with the Alfred Powerpack License Download the Advanced_Google_Maps_Search.alfredworkflow file Open the .alfredworkflow file to import into Alfred Set up the workflow configuration parameters as you desire (see below for additional details), by clicking on the little [X] in the top right hand of the Workflow page in Alfred Complete the advanced steps below to add additional (and awesome) functionality Current Location Feature Installation and Configuration
    If you wish to use the 'Directions from Current Location - dirfc' command or the 'here' modifier, you will need to also install homebrew and the CoreLocationCLI package.
    Install Homebrew using instructions from https://brew.sh/ Install the CoreLocationCLI utility by running the following command in a terminal 'brew cask install corelocationcli'. Check your installed location by running 'which CoreLocationCLI' Ensure the workflow environment variable on the Workflow Configuration screen matches the installed location. Contact Address Handler Configuration
    If you wish to use this workflow to handle directions to a contact's address you may do so by completing the following additional steps.
    In Alfred's Preferences click on Features --> Contacts Double click on the 'Address' field In the dropdown, select "Search Contact Address with Advanced Google and Apple Maps Search" Ensure you correctly configure the contactHandler parameter as per the instructions under the Configuration section. Fallback Search Setup
    If you wish to use this workflow to handle fallback searches in Alfred, you can now do this too!
    In Alfred's Preferences click on Features --> Default Results Click the button to 'Setup Fallback Results' Click the small + sign to add a new record Select any of the available fallback searches provided by the workflow to add them to your personal fallback search results. Configuration
    Explanation of each of the Workflow Environment Variables
    contactHandler: Used as the default mechanism to handle Contact address searches. Supports two formats including "drive here to" (current location to Contact's address) "drive to here" (Contact's address to Current Location) or "('computerName:drive here to','default:drive here to')" CoreLocationCLIBinary: Defines the location of the installed CoreLocationCLIBinary. Supports two formats including "/usr/local/bin/CoreLocationCLI" or "('computerName:/some/other/location/CoreLocationCLI','default:/usr/local/bin/CoreLocationCLI')" currentLocationFallback: Used as the fallback address in case CoreLocationCLI is not installed, or fails (especially if WiFi is unavailable, or turned off). Supports two formats including "Some Address in Some State 20023" or "('computerName:home','someOtherComputerName:Some Address in Some State 20023','default:work')" customLocations: Supports custom location modifiers for all dir* commands. Please note, this does not dynamically add new dirfx or dirtx commands. Must be formatted in the following fashion: "('gym:49 Queens Rd, Five Dock NSW 2046','school:1A Harris Rd, Five Dock NSW 2046')" defaultTransportationMode: Defines the default transportation fallback mode if none is specified at runtime. Possible values include: "pt" for Public Transport, drive, walk or bike. Supports two formats including "bike" or "('computerName:pt','someOtherComputerName:walk','default:drive')" googleLocal: Defines which Google Locale to use such as 'com.au', 'com.tw' or 'com' as some examples. Supports two formats including "com.au" or "('computerName:com.au','someOtherComputerName:com.tw','default:com')" homeAddress: New storage location for Home Address. Supports two formats including "Some Address" or "('computerName:Some Address','someOtherComputerName:Another Address','default:A Third Address')" workAddress: New storage location for Work Address. Supports two formats including "Some Address" or "('computerName:Some Address','someOtherComputerName:Another Address','default:A Third Address')" mapsHandler: PLEASE NOTE this only supports a value of either "Google" or "Apple" and may not have a computer specific value. Recommended Example Configuration for Workflow Environment Variables
    contactHandler: ('default:drive here to') CoreLocationCLIBinary: ('default:/usr/local/bin/CoreLocationCLI') currentLocationFallback: ('default:home') customLocations: ('gym:GYM ADDRESS','school:SCHOOL ADDRESS') defaultTransportationMode: ('default:drive') googleLocal: com homeAddress: Your Home Address workAddress: Your Work Address mapsHandler: Google Notes on Caveats with Apple Maps
    Apple Maps does not support as many functions as Google Maps and there are two main areas that will cause graceful errors when using Apple Maps. If you attempt to use the 'bike' modifier anywhere, Apple Maps does not support such directions and therefore we gracefully tell you this won't work.
    Secondly, Apple Maps does not support waypoints or building up an itinerary. Therefore if you attempt to use the dir command with more than just an origin and a destination (such as home to shops to work), we will gracefully error out and tell you such a function is not possible.
    dir to to etc (seperate multiple addresses with " to " minus the quotes, and you will get a multiple location search when using Google Maps only) [NEW] dir now does all the heavy lifting. You can use the modifiers 'here' (current location, must have CoreLocationCLI installed), 'work' and 'home' in any query. For example 'dir home to work to new york'. [NEW] dirfc this will use your current location (WiFi card must be active) to the destination. [NEW] dirtc Show directions from query to current location [NEW] All commands now support the following modifiers: walk, bike, drive, pt (public transport). The modifier can be invoked by 'dirX ' e.g. 'dirfw pt home ' will give you public transport directions. This also works with 'dir' and multiple waypoints. Please note, the transport modifier must be the first parameter you pass to any dirX command, for example 'dirfw home pt' is not valid. [NEW] Localisation now defaults to USA, hence make sure you update workflow parameters if you wish to use a different country code on the Google URL. dirfw Show directions from Work to address dirfh Show directions from Home to address dirtw Show directions from query to Work address dirth Show directions from query to Home address trafficw - Show traffic from Home to Work traffich - Show traffic from Work to Home [NEW] dir now supports up to 9 waypoints for Google Maps. For example 'dir origin to waypoint 1 to waypoint 2 etc to destination' Integration hooks for Other Workflow Providers
    This workflow now supports integration using external nodes. They suppor the same methods and modifiers as described for the rest of the workflow. This means you can now hook into this workflow to leverage the 'here', 'work', 'home' and other custom modifiers set up by a user, as well as provide routing directions based on your input.
    Please review the workflow for each of the hooks available.
    Version 2.0.2
    Fixed comma issues in all the dirfX commands by quoting the strings  
    Version 2.0.1
    Fixed dirtw bike command... it hadn't been connected... after all the testing! #oops Thanks @deanishe  
    Version 2.0.0
    Renamed workflow to 'Advanced Google and Apple Maps Workflow for Alfred'. Left bundleID intact deliberately Changed workflow logo to support new multi-brand mix Added feature for custom locations other than 'home' and 'work' Added default transportation mode setting Added fallback location setting in case there are issues with CoreLocationCLI Added hooks for Alfred fallback searches (for example if you load Alfred and just enter an address without invoking the workflow) Added multi-machine configuration parameters and provided a default catchall feature for this Added contact address handler functionality (to enable the workflow to serve as a Contact Address Handler hook) Migrated (future) work and home addresses out of keychain. Added keychain cleanup function once addresses have been manually migrated to workflow environment variables Implemented OneUpdater code by Vitor so updating will be simple as pie Externalised Perl code for much better gitifying, as well as better code reuse Added external triggers for other workflows to hook into Various code cleanups Significantly improved error handling to do things more gracefully Rectified issues with commas in addresses causing things to break a little Other minor bug fixes and improvements as I went along through the code, improved readability also Released an hour long course to help people get the workflow up and running. Version 1.3.1
    Fixed dirfh and dirfw to actually use home and work respectively, not here. #oops Version 1.3.0
    dirfc: Directions from Current Address. See the installation instructions above to install Homebrew and CoreLocationCLI dirtc: Directions to Current Address. See the installation instructions above to install Homebrew and CoreLocationCLI dir, dirfc and dirtc now support Google transit type (walk, drive, pt [public transport] and bike) dir now supports 'here'. Here anywhere in the transit plan translates to the current GPS coordinates using CoreLocationCLI. Technically this probably does away with the need for dirfc and dirtc, but, leaving them there for consistency. dir now supports 'work' and 'home' as modifiers Overhaul of changes to properly use Google API parameters Mass code cleanup and refactoring for simplification. Most flows now leverage the dir base code. Additional error handling implemented surrounding maximum number of waypoints Fixed a bug where special characters would not work in stored URLs Implemented a workflow environment variable for getting a local Google URL Changed to use Alfred's native URL opening functionality, this enables you to select a preferred browser Version 1.2 - Actually this never made it out of beta, despite working, I have been kinda busy.
    Version 1.1 - Set default search to be google.com rather than google.com.au
    Version 1.0 - Initial Release
    Created by Stuart Ryan. If you would like to get into contact you can do so via:
    @StuartCRyan on Twitter Stuart Ryan on LinkedIn Technical Notebook Blog License
    Released under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2, June 1991
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    evanfuchs reacted to Ritashugisha in Luxinate - Download video and audio from YouTube and SoundCloud   
    Hey guys,
    I really appreciate that there are still users using this workflow. However, the organization and maintainability of this workflow is very poor. Due to my school and my work, I haven't had much time to work on a rewrite. My plan is to completely rewrite the code this summer to increase the speed and maintainability of Luxinate.
    I've posted a quick change to the workflow to fix your problem.
    Please re-download and install the workflow!
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