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  1. Hi I'm having the same issue as gordonswaby. Cannot login, and 100% positive I'm putting in the correct password. I have parentheses and pound signs in my password, maybe that's why?
  2. Unfortunately this stopped working after I upgraded to Catalina. :-( I get the error "menu can't be opened because apple cannot check it for malicious software." Then if I go to System Prefs | Security & Privacy | General and click "Allow Anyway", the same exact thing happens the next time I try to access it. Any thoughts?
  3. Sorry, not working. If I go search my vault in the lastpass extension in chrome for 'wpengine', I get numerous results. Neither of these return anything: ./lpsp.sh --query=wpengine ./lpsp.sh | grep wpengine ./lpsp.sh by itself does return many results, but apparently not everything from my vault. also, would there be anyway to do the login from alfred and not have to do that on the command line?
  4. hey, this preview looks promising! thanks for working on this. didn't even know about the lastpass cli. i'd be happy to help you test it out if you want. fyi the search brings up some results from my vault, but not most of them. thanks again. :-)
  5. Hey guiguan, I figured out what you need to do to get growlvoice texting to work and it's very simple. open "growlvoice:${query}?text" I tested this on the command line and it pulls up the growlvoice window in texting mode with the correct phone number: open "growlvoice:123456?text" If you could add that in, that would be great! Thanks again for the great workflow. mkm
  6. Guan, good guess on the contact duplication! All of my contacts were duplicated. One set on my local machine and one synchronized from Google. I guess in Contacts it only showed them once, so I didn't realize that there were two sets. I deleted the duplicate set on my local machine and now it's working as expected. Any way to get texting via Growlvoice to work? Maybe some inspiration from this guys attempt? http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1511-request-send-text-via-growl-voice/
  7. hey guiguan, thanks for what seems like a great workflow! i just haven't gotten it quite right yet. i'm also getting double contacts as someone had mentioned in an earlier post. i followed your instructions on deleting and reinstalling the workflow, but that didn't help. one thing i noticed - when i first installed the workflow i had to manually disable every every component i didn't want. after following your instructions on deleting and reinstalling, i didn't have to do that. it kept my settings from the previous install. so perhaps i didn't wipe out all the uni call settings when i removed? i deleted the workflow, ran 'rm -rf ~/Library/Caches/net.guiguan.Uni-Call/' and emptied my trash. (i didn't have an icon in the privacy settings to remove) calling via growlvoice works when i use the 'call' keyword. when i'm going through alfred contacts (with a 'growlvoice call' custom action on the phone field): the first digit gets truncated non numeric characters are escaped. e.g. spaces become "\ " and a left parenthesis becomes "$\(". thanks!
  8. hey mike i'm not sure if you're following the uni call topic, so i just posted a reply on how to make growlvoice work again.

  9. FYI GrowlVoice can be made to work again in less than a minute by following these instructions: https://github.com/szhu/fix-growlvoice. I just did it and it works great with this workflow.
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