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  1. +1 for more than 9 visible results. I made the same request in 2014. The developer has done an excellent job maintaining the app and has created a very powerful workflow platform. Given this, I am baffled as to why the number of visible results remains limited to 9, when it would probably be trivial to make the number configurable, and a higher result count would greatly enhance certain workflows (for example, one could browse a list of 10s of open browser tabs at a glance). Like OP, I would like to be able to fill up the entire vertical span of a 27-inch monitor with search results. Ideally I'd also like to be able to reduce the size of a single result line in order to increase density (by, say, providing an option to hide the subtext). Together these changes would allow one to see probably 50-100 results, similar to what one can see using a fuzzy finder in a text based environment.

  2. In learning how to build workflows, I found "Keyword" inputs somewhat confusing, because (a) they don't actually require you to set a keyword; (b) all other types of inputs, e.g. script filters, also can have keywords. So this type is named by a feature that is neither necessary nor sufficient to define it. What really distinguishes a "Keyword" input object from other input objects is that it outputs a free-form input text argument (i.e. it's not a filter). I suggest changing the name of keyword inputs to something like "basic" or "freeform".

  3. 25 seems like kind of a large amount to request. What resolution are you using that would support a list of 25 items without making the text extremely small?

    The size of the lines can be nearly halved by removing the subtext and placing it on the right margin. With a small reduction in font size, and if necessary an increase in the height of the Alfred window, I don't think 25 is unreasonable. I'm using the standard resolution on a 15" retina display (1440 x 900). Also, some of us might not mind small font-- I think it would add value to make this more configurable. I use unite.vim extensively when coding-- it offers similar functionality to Alfred. The result list looks like the image below. I'm not requesting Alfred take on such a Spartan appearance, but I have no trouble with the small font and think users like myself would benefit from the ability to increase the information density in Alfred's results list.



  4. I wonder if there is some corruption preventing this from happening. If you duplicate this contact, can you find the duplicate?





    [moving to workflow help sub-forum for now]


    Hmm, so I couldn't find straight up "duplicate" functionality in either Contacts.app or Google Contacts. When I created a new contact with the same name though, I had the same situation. When I created a new contact with a different name, I was able to fully access this contact. So it seems the name of this contact is somehow creating an issue.


    1. The subtitle will continue to say "Loading..." for sometime after I've finished typing the note. Usually this isn't that long but I've seen it take up to 5 seconds to say anything else. During this time I just have to wait.
    2. The subtitle is slightly behind my typing and if I hit return, only the portion of the note that was reflected in the subtitle is sent to Evernote. So if I type "typenote -Call Dad. Tuesday<return>" quickly, often all that gets sent to Evernote is "-Call Dad. Tuesda". I have to wait and make sure all the characters get through the script filter before I hit return. This turns out to be a big problem. My workarounds are to either just be patient before hitting return (I don't always remember this) or to use enn instead of typenote, which is also suboptimal because I have to be sure to choose the "enter from text" option vs selection or clipboard


    I also have problem #2 and am frequently submitting truncated notes to ZenDone because of it. The lag is quite short, but it's long enough that if I hit <Return> immediately after typing my note only about half of it gets submitted.

  6. I have a contact in my address book who is also in Alfred when I do a straight contact search.  Call him John Doe.  However, when I select the "Email to..." file action on a file, I cannot access John Doe from the drop down, though I can access other contacts.


    I am using Alfred 2.1.1 on OS X Mavericks and the problem persists when I restart Alfred.


  7. Loving this so far, but is there syntax to add a start date?  I use this way more than due date.  Also, I would like to have a way to add a task without simultaneously doing a search-- I find that the latency of my keystrokes can get pretty high with Alfred continually running the script filter.  Thanks for putting this together.

  8. Sorry, I made a mistake. Truth is that it's working, but just with tags which already existed in Things. When I tried it the first time, nothing happend because I tested it with a random word. So if you use existing tags, it will work.


    Sweet, just tried it and it works.  Thanks!

  9. Thanks for the updates!  I'd really like to see the addition of tag support as mentioned in my first post in this thread, as I use this all the time in the original and it is the last thing keeping me from fully transitioning to Alfred 2

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