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    marchiorato.mattia reacted to Vero in READ FIRST: Posting a helpful bug report   
    First, thanks for helping us test the Alfred v2 beta. We're so pleased to have all of you helping us make v2 as brilliant as possible!
    As you can see, the forum is very popular and all sorts of content is being posted. If you find a bug you'd like to report, please follow the format below to help make your report more useful.
    Please ensure you're always using the latest build before reporting an issue, as Andrew works so fast, he might've already fixed the issue and released a new build! From b94 onwards, you can update in-app through the General tab or the menu bar icon.
    Please post one thread per bug report with the following information: What you were doing when the issue happened Whether you were able to replicate it a second time by performing the same action Include any screenshots that might help us Include the Alfred version & build number you are using Include your OS X version The clearer the bug report, the more likely and easily we'll be able to fix it!
    Once you've reported it, I will test your bug report and, if valid, Andrew will aim to fix it in the upcoming builds. Once fixed, the thread you started will be closed, confirming we have all the information we need to fix it.
    For those curious about the additional notes in square brackets you might see, I'll add these status updates after responding:
    Accepted: Bug has been moved to our bug tracker and will be looked into soon. Fixed: Bug has been resolved, so check for the latest build if you still encounter this issue. Resolved: Issues that are not bugs but required an explanation/info. Noted: If we're unable to make changes, we'll make a note for future reference (e.g. OS X bugs) Not a bug: Invalid reports or issues that are not bugs.   
    Please don't post feature requests in this forum as they'll be moved to the Feature Suggestions forum.
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