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  1. Thanks for the note Rickard! What version of MB are you on? I tried replicating the error but no luck yet… Also, are you getting the thumping error when you simply open MB using Alfred? Or is it only occurring when you use the workflows (compose, search, later)? ~justin
  2. Thanks! Yeah, if you hold Cmd many of the icons in the app display the remaining keystrokes required to activate that function. Discovered it by fluke. Great UX detail.
  3. Hey! I just put together a simple workflow for Mailbox: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/4806-alfred-for-mailbox/
  4. Manage Mailbox with Alfred. Initial release. A simple workflow with support for composing, searching and opening 'Later' and 'Lists' inboxes. Please don't hesitate to request features or make any other suggestions! Github Download
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