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  1. Update on this: If you toggle the preview switch over to the "New Outlook" then the search magically starts to work! I apparently have to recreate all of my saved searches but to have my Alfred functionality back is worth the time!
  2. I did find a workaround in case anyone else runs into this. I replaced my key combo action with a run script action and used tell application "System Events" to key code 84 using command down And it worked perfectly. A full list of key codes including numpad numerals can be found here.
  3. Adding my support to this update request. Thanks for a great product, devs! Brad
  4. Thanks, @Andrew. I will keep an eye on it and try and find an alternative for the time being. Thanks for the quick response! Brad
  5. I am using a simple hotkey -> key combo worflow to assign Adobe InDesign shortcut combos to the extra function keys on my keyboard. The problem is the InDesign requires custom shortcuts to use numpad numerals. When I enter a key combo in Alfred, it does not distinguish between a numpad 1 and a "top of the keyboard" 1. I know they have unique identifiers but am not sure how to designate them in Alfred. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Thanks @Vero I just rebuilt my machine from scratch, thinking maybe it was some remnant of my upgrading from Catalina. Still no dice. The path does not change even though the Outlook version number is 16 now rather than 15. All of my other workflows are fine so I guess MS changed something.
  7. Vero, I have Googled it and can find no information on if any changes have been made. I can visually verify that the message files are still being saved in the same location and they appear to not be encrypted. Other than that, I am way out of my league on troubleshooting this. I was hoping more seasoned Alfereders had experienced it here!
  8. I verified that it has both Accessibility and Full Disk permissions but it is acting like it can't search the folder - no results no matter what I search for. Anyone had any issues with disk access permissions since upgrading to Big Sur? Using a simple search workflow limited to the Outlook messages folder in the library. I have used it for years with no trouble.
  9. As long as you are using Outlook version 15, that should work, dadgumit. The file path would be different for any other version. We might have to get somebody with Alfred to weigh in on this one as I am not sure what else could be the issue.
  10. As-downloaded, it only searches the subject. You can modify this by double-clicking on the search string... ...and then going to the Advanced tab and adding the kMDItemTextContent field by pressing the + button on the lower right corner:
  11. I am looking for someone that is familiar with Alfred enough to set up a script filter that can search a given folder for a keyword and give me the ability to change the sorting of the query results. It's ok if I have to change this in code - doesn't have to be a UI toggle or anything like that. For example, I want to search for an e-mail in Outlook with the number 456 in the subject line. I hit my hotkey, enter "456" and three hits appear, sorted by send date and actually SHOWING the send date. I need to be able to do this for Outlook message searches and standard file searches in a given directory. I have looked for tutorials so I could try this myself but I have not been successful so far. If any of you pros want to tinker with it, I would be grateful and will gladly pay for your time.
  12. I have had this issue with Applescript as well. You might want to look at your Outlook notifications for an account permissions flag. That ended up being my problem...and one that Microsoft/Apple still has not corrected.
  13. Did you bind a shortcut key specifically to this workflow, Bud? If you are seeing the "Alfred Hat" as shown circled in red below, that is the general search. You want the new Outlook icon on the search box (circled in green).
  14. Version that works with the new version of Outlook is available on this thread.
  15. I just posted it here, Vero. Hope it helps. I also posed a question there that you pros might be able to help me with!
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