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    boutwell got a reaction from cands in Outlook 15.6 (Office 365) - Search by subject   
    This is a workflow that will search the subject field of emails in the new version of Outlook for Mac that is currently available to Office 365 subscribers. Additional fields can be added in the advanced section of the file filter.
    The new version has a different data path as well as a new file type, so the old Outlook searches were not working.

    If anyone knows how to make the date the e-mail was received show up where the file path shows in the results, I would be your best friend.
    The workflow can be downloaded HERE.
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    boutwell reacted to jdfwarrior in New Outlook version 15.6 150113 - (Office 365)   
    I don't have access to the latest version of Outlook but just taking a glance at the workflow you mentioned, it looks like there may be one other thing to change. Without being able to see the structure, I can't confirm that this will fix it but, let try this..
    In the workflow, it also specified a file type. The workflow specified a com.microsoft.outlook14.message file type. Try navigating to the area that you know the data resides and find a file that you can confirm is an outlook message. Remove the current file type in the workflow, then drag one of the files that you believe to be a message into the file types box. It COULD be that it was attempting to filter on an outdated file type.  As mentioned, this is just a guess. Let me know back how this works please.
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    boutwell reacted to idea4IT in Dropbox Client for Alfred - Access multiple Dropbox accounts with Alfred   
    This workflow has now been officially approved by Dropbox!
    I've also just updated the workflow with bugfixes and some minor tweaks.
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