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  1. @Vero thanks for the reply. It's not just password that I copy from 1password, I have account numbers and a lot of different information that I normally use. I understand the risks of copying the pw to the clipboard, but I am OK taking them. I am a developer and I have zillions of passwords other useful info and the whole purpose of a clipboard manager is to be able to go back to it quickly. But bear in mind that this functionality was actually working in previous versions, I am 100% positive on this. You do have 1password as one of the defaults ignore apps. Once I removed that everything I copied from 1password would carry over to alfred just fine. Something must have changed.
  2. For some reason this stopped working for me. I can pinpoint when exactly but some updated ago. I specifically removed 1password from the ignore apps of Advanced tab of the Clipboard's preference but now nothing that I copy from 1Password is shown in the history regardless of this setting. I tried resetting the setting and removing 1Password again. I even tried removing every single app there and still 1Password entries are not shown on the clipboard. I use this very heavily. Any ideas? OSX macOS Sierra 10.12.5 (16F73 Alfred v3.4 [850]
  3. Ok, I use EggTimer (http://geekzone.philosophicalzombie.net/post/45984228801/eggtimer2). I also sometimes do the Pomodoro Technique with it doing: Timer 25 Timer 5 Timer 25 Timer 5 And so on. I wanted to create a workflow that would start/stop this automatically. Si I click shift+cmd+p so a sequence of Timer 25/Timer 5 will be executed.
  4. How can I create a new workflow that, with the press of a hotkey, would run an "alfred command", meaning something I type in the alfred window. Maybe an "Alfred command" would be a nice action to add.
  5. Hi David, Thanks. Yes, 0.5 did work for me too, and although not a huge delay, it's not as snappier as it could be. I can think of a number of very small improvements to the workflows that could be used here, like maybe using an ENVIRONMENT variable (or internal workflow variable) to feed the file filter. Or maybe just a way that from the script to reload the workflow. I do have to say that with the delay, it's at least very useful. I have one more question, if you saw the workflow, there's a Default ff action tied to a file action. My idea with that, regardless of what it's currently doing, is that while you browse through the folders, when you get to a file (instead of a directory) and hit enter, that default file action should be executed on the script. Doing that can make this workflow be easily extended or configured by others. Is there a way for me from the script to tell alfred to "Lunch the default ff action (the one defined) on a specific file (the one selected)? How that make sense. Like: tell app alfred 2 (run "Default ff action" on xxx). Thanks,
  6. I am trying to make a fuzzy search within folders, kind of how http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/4042-fuzzy-folders/ does it, but in a more flexible and standard way. Basically I am using a file filter, whose selection is sent to a script that modifies the workflow configuration to edit a secondary file filter keyword which is populated with the directory selected previously, and this can be done recursively without any issue. It works, however, it takes a little bit of time for alfred to pick up the new configuration for the modified filter, so you lose the responsiveness I am looking for. Anyone interested in giving it a try, I uploaded it to https://github.com/hanoii/alfred-directory-search. And the exported workflow to https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/51604079/Dynamic%20folder%20file%20action.alfredworkflow It's pretty simple, and it has one bit that's not complete, but the search and the logic works if you give it a while to reload the config. I have yet one more step to ask for guidance, but until I sort this part, it's not very useful.
  7. I know of tell app "Alfred 2" to search "xx" But what other interactions are there?
  8. I dragged an mkv movie file to a file filter action in my workflow, but that only works for mkv files now. Is there a way to add a general movie type, without having to drag each single movie file format there?
  9. I've made a small modification to the workflow in order to allow an optional argument so that you get the world count our of what you type in alfred: wc "HI" will count HI https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/51604079/Word%20Count.alfredworkflow
  10. I am brand new to alfred and trying it out to include it in my workflow, so far I am happy but i am starting to find some things that hopefully are good enough for you to consider to improve. One of which is the fuzzy logic search for files. Although it's nice, and it works, I'd like it to be even a bit more flexible. I very much like the way sublime text handles file searching. So, I am a developer and I have tons of source files lying around, a lot may have the same name as different project share the same source codes (same framework, etc.). Normally I want to get to a specific file or directory quickly. Typing just the name of the directory would work, but I might have to go over a big list. What I'd expecet is something like this to work: find WORD1 WORD2 WORD3 to give me files with all words are present, including paths. Right now it works only for the filename if it has spaces, however, I may want to find a file within a directory, so WORD1 can be a directory, this doesn't work. i.e. /Sites/a/index.php /Sites/b/index.php I could look for index.php and scroll, but I very much like to do : find b index.php and quickly show me the proper one, you could also list alternatives below to scroll, sorted by relevance as normal, like two words found in paths, one word and so on. Hope to have been clear enough. Looking forward to hearing what you think.
  11. I read on http://support.alfredapp.com/features:contacts that you can find contacts by Name, email address and nickname. Finding them by email address doesn't seem to work, I just get the options to search in google, wikipedia and amazon if typing an email address that is present one of my contacts.
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