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  1. Ah, nevermind. Just saw there was a new build released yesterday that fixed it. Woot!
  2. I'm experiencing same exact stuff as @deanishe. High five, bro! ;)
  3. I used the URL handler above to create a workflow that composes a new iMessage to a specific person.
  4. This workflow is great! I'm not sure if this is because I'm on High Sierra, but I cannot get the workflow to open the note after it has been created. I've set 'alwaysShow' to True
  5. I've just migrated all my TextExpander snippets to Alfred (woot!). Would it be possible for snippets to expand within Alfred's search bar? For example, if I want to search for items with today's date in the title, I want to be able to type 'ddate' into the search, and watch that phrase be replaced with the actual, current date. I haven't found a way to do this. Am I missing something? Another example is that I have many snippets that are very long URLs. Using TextExpander, I could type the four or five letter snippet of a particular URLs into Alfred, and it would expand and then take me to that page. See what I mean? If I'm thinking about this the wrong way because there's a better method, just say the word. Thanks!
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