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  1. Yeah, thanks Carlos. I stupidly had the keyword set to require an argument without realising! Works now. Appreciate the feedback. Cheers
  2. Jeez, I feel stupid asking this Vero, but where is the itunes command variable for showing the current track playing? The only command options I see are play/pause, next, previous, rating or clearing ratings. There's no option for displaying the current track though. Obviously I'm doing something wrong.
  3. Pedro, this is fantastic. I too had a paid-for third party app doing this but your workflow is great. Much appreciated!
  4. That is a great workflow. I will get great value out of this. Thanks!
  5. That's brilliant thanks David. Works perfectly thanks. It does actually require you to authenticate to apply the changes as part of the networksetup (ie. networksetup is trying to modify the system network configuration. Type your password ....). Not a big deal to overcome this though and presumably, there wouldn't be a way around that anyway from the script perspective, so I'm more than happy this workflow is as optimal as it can be and will help me out heaps. Once again, I really appreciate your effort David. I tip my hat to you sir. Cheers
  6. Thanks heaps. If you can pull it off, I'll owe you some virtual beers somehow!
  7. Thanks for the offer David! I admit, it sounds like a pretty infrequent requirement but in my role as a network engineer, I move from network to network frequently. Particularly if I'm staging a new network (which predates having DHCP address infrastructure), I can swap subnets 8-10 times a testing session and having a way to do this via an Alfred workflow would be much more efficient than doing this through the traditional system preferences / network settings. Cheers (and thanks again)
  8. I was wondering if someone was able to help me in developing a workflow that will set the static IP address of my ethernet port (en0) via a workflow? Ideally, I'd like to be able to set the IP address, subnet mask and default gateway variables for this interface via a workflow. Although it doesn't sound that hard / complex, I don't even know where to start as I have no idea on scripting. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers
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