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  1. Sorry - I mis-spoke. It is not reverse order it is actually some weird random-ish order that I don't really understand. The event that finally got me to post a question was indeed apparently the creation of a list in reverse track order, but actually on deeper testing it seems Alfred is creating a playlist that has all the tracks for each album consecutively, but the tracks within each album and the albums appear in some kind of random order. Shuffle is not turned on, and they do not appear to be being sorted by some unseen value (e.g. date). Unfortunately it is hard to show this with pictures - as iTunes does not show track numbers in playlists (at least I can't get it to). But the two here show part of the album / date order listing for a band on my system, followed by the playlist that Alfred generated when I asked it to play all the albums by that band (so itunes mini / artists / play all in alfred). You can see the Alfred list is beginning with an album that is not 'first in the date list'. If you check, you'll also see that the tracks from "The Bends" (the one Alfred is playing first) are in random order... I've checked, and shuffle is turned off in my copy of iTunes. HTH The multi-playlists thing? Yes I'm syncing to several other devices, so I guess it might be a sync issue.
  2. Not really used it much before, but noticed tonight that when using iTunes mini to start playing 'an artist' it is adding their albums with the tracks in reverse order. I'm guessing that this is an unwelcome interaction between Alfred settings and iTunes settings, but can't work out how / what / where to go to fix it. Any suggestions / guidance would be great. Also - probably a forlorn hope - is there any way to get iTunes to play things from Alfred without creating a spam playlist? Tedious to have to go and delete them periodically.
  3. I regularly use iCloud services. I've got a very simple workflow installed that simply appends the appropriate iCloud service to a request - so 'iCloud mail' will go to the iCloud.com/mail page. When I enter iCloud into Alfred the iCloud workflow appears as an option in the drop-down list. But if I select it then it gets run but without any service word added (i.e. it takes me just to iCloud). I'd much rather have the option to enter enough of iCloud to get it in the list, choose it from the drop down, and then add the appropriate service before it gets acted on by Alfred. So choosing the suggested workflow replaces the partially typed iCloud and waits more typed input rather than running the workflow. Is there a way to do this? (PS I know that I could simply rename the iCloud workflow to be very short ... but wondered if there is a way to this).
  4. Could Alfred have inline conversion functionality = so if you type in 75m one of the solutions offered is various conversions of this to other distance units (e.g. 82.02 ft), based on a guess triggered by the inclusion of some qualifying symbol - so £20 would return currency conversions, 8kg would return weight mass conversions etc. ? I don't think this idea is very novel - I suspect that someone has thought of it before. If so, consider this a "+1" for that one.
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