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  1. @CatAcernis Can you try the latest version (1.0.3) and let me know if it's working better for you? You can get it here: https://github.com/dkarter/Bang/raw/master/Bang.alfredworkflow
  2. @CatAcernis thanks for reaching out. I’ll try to think of a solution this weekend. There’s probably a better algorithm I can use for the search functionality
  3. @Nick Ang I use Gifox 2 - it's a built in feature https://gifox.io/ However if you just want the key display try KeyCastr https://github.com/keycastr/keycastr I think Gifox used the code from keycastr considering how similar the key display looks.
  4. @Schneppi Thank you! I actually added this feature yesterday but didn't have time to publish it until now. It is now out in 1.2.0. I wish Alfred workflows were easier to collaborate on for developers... I've added the source code in a separate file so that I can take PRs in the future, if you have further improvements please open a PR.
  5. @deanishe I don't know all countries that the API supports, but I was able to confirm US, Canada, Australia and China (I tried Essen / Düsseldorf but couldn't find it, sorry mate). @edbro That was a bug! Thanks for letting me know. I've released a new version to address this (v1.1.0) which also allows you to search for other states / provinces other than the one you configured.
  6. View on github: https://github.com/dkarter/CoronaTime ## Corona Time: An Alfred Workflow For Tracking COVID-19 See case statistics for your state/province: ☣️ Confirmed, ✅ Recovered, and ☠️ Deaths. Data is provided by ArcGIS Esri Corona Virus Dataset. ## DEMO See attached ## Installation 1. Download and open the [workflow file from this repo](https://github.com/dkarter/CoronaTime) 2. Enter your State/Province: See Attached (or github) 3. If you like it, please star (on github) and share for reach! ## License MIT Dataset is provided by ArcGIS Esri Corona Virus dataset and subject to ArcGIS Esri terms of licensing.
  7. https://github.com/dkarter/Bang A DuckDuckGo !bang auto-completion. Installation Download the .workflow file from https://github.com/dkarter/Bang and open it in Alfred. Usage Must run `!update` before using - this will download the completion data from duckduckgo.com After getting the completion data you can use the workflow by either typing `!` into Alfred's search box, or using the system-wide shortcut <Ctrl-!> ## Demo License MIT DuckDuckGo name and logo are trademarks of Duck Duck Go, Inc. https://github.com/dkarter/Bang
  8. Unfortunately Netflix changed their internal API which I was relying on for searching. Looks like they are using a home grown variation on GraphQL which would be too big of a change to implement. That is the nature of internal APIs - no guarantees are made and they are changed often. While it might still be possible in theory to use the mobile app API (that one is still JSON last time i checked) I don't have any personal use for this workflow anymore and decided it is not worth my time and effort to maintain it. If you would like to take over development feel free to fork it on github.
  9. Gotta throw my +1 in here. This is the only reason I am keeping TextExpander on my machine. (and the fact that it can run javascript snippets, but that's something I don't use as much). Thanks for your consideration.
  10. I'm also looking to get the `%filltext` working. it's one of the key features I got TextExpander for.
  11. Thanks for the bug report! Netflix changed their internal APIs, and I should have fix to accommodate that change by EOD assuming no complications.
  12. Hi @stijndg, Glad you like the workflow! At the moment when you select a TV series on the workflow it will start playing the episode right where you left off. If you want to select an episode you can hold ⌘ and press return. This will open the last season you were watching of the series and allow you to select an episode. See this quick video I put together to demonstrate this: Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any additional questions. - Cheers, DK
  13. OK it's up again! Sorry for the inconvenience. It was some automatic updates to my web host (digital ocean). If you want to help support the increasing hosting costs please use this referral link to digital ocean: https://www.digitalocean.com/?refcode=8cd5d34769f8 You will get $10 for free (up to two months of free hosting).
  14. my server with the netflix api hack seems to be down. I'll have a look when I get home.
  15. It seems from your screenshot that Netflix is using a different subdomain for Europe. It may be possible to implement in my API. I will investigate further and let you know.
  16. There's definitely a way to find out the country code if you have a Netflix account running on this country code but it may be a little complicated. Essentially you need to monitor the network traffic to Netflix servers when you do an autocomplete search. Since I don't have an account anywhere ohter than the US you will have to figure it out on your computer. I do that using Google Chrome. When you open Netflix right click on the page and select Inspect Element (bottom) https://www.dropbox.com/s/hd0vsnvfi2j2d5z/Screenshot%202014-09-23%2011.01.07.png?dl=0 You will then need to select the network tab https://www.dropbox.com/s/kycjjwvss3550rn/Screenshot%202014-09-23%2011.01.59.png?dl=0 1. Clear the network tab. 2. Start typing a movie name 3. Look for the url as in the image below containing instantsearch / autocomplete https://www.dropbox.com/s/sqi2xm1e3y6rlmb/Netflix-country.png?dl=0 Open the headers tab and find the country code in the URL. I think it should be two letter as it is for US and CA but it may be different for other countries. Sorry it's so complicated but I don't work for Netflix and therefore have no access to their internal protocols on how they do things. If you can't get my instructions to work for you let me know.
  17. Version 1.5 is out now - http://www.packal.org/workflow/netflix-search Go check it out. @katie - as of right now to change the country you will have to go into the workflow and modify the script filter as in the screenshot below. If there is more demand I can create an interface for setting it. Double click the highlighted script filter: https://www.dropbox.com/s/opupksrxgnsr4tx/Screenshot%202014-09-20%2002.10.04.png?dl=0 For US (default): https://www.dropbox.com/s/px9fqxkj3li7vi8/Screenshot%202014-09-20%2002.07.44.png?dl=0 For Canada: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dcyfws6592g4czl/Screenshot%202014-09-20%2002.08.21.png?dl=0 Please let me know how that's working out for you.
  18. @katie - I've added support for switching the country on the latest version which I will publish today, hope you'll like it. @Sebastian Daza - sorry, I am working on a new version of both the API server and client and managed to break it for users with older version of the workflow. That being said, the good news is that the new version is done! I will upload it today by end of day. Definitely need a better workflow and API versioning to support legacy versions for future releases. If you downloaded the workflow using the Packal workflow you should get the update automatically tonight. Otherwise, watch this thread and I will update when it's ready. Here's a teaser:
  19. Hi, I just made a flat icon for Alfred. Alfred developers can use it for the next version so that it looks nice on OSX Yosemite. Let me know what you think. Illustrator file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l0zp9abu8gdfl55/v1.ai?dl=0 - Dorian
  20. Thanks for your replies! My Netflix Scraper server was down. It appears to be working now.
  21. Hi all, this is my first workflow, please let me know what you think. Netflix Alfred Workflow Website: https://github.com/dkarter/AlfredNetflixSearchWorkflow Netflix API (unofficial): https://github.com/dkarter/NetflixScraperAPI Version: 1.5 (Sept 20, 2014) License: MIT Disclaimer: I am not connected and or affiliated with Netflix, this code was written purely for educational purposes and with no other intent, warranty or purpose. Use at your own risk and responsibility. Installation Please use Packal to download the workflow - it will provide AutoUpdate functionality. http://www.packal.org/workflow/netflix-search Usage Searching for a movie/tv-show nf [name of movie] Netflix Search Workflow will automatically suggest matching titles. Pressing enter (⏎) will open the Netflix player in your browser and start playing the movie If you are opening a previously watched TV show/movie it will continue where you stopped last Pressing Command (⌘) and Enter (⏎) will open the movie page which includes synopsis, cover, reviews if the title is a TV show it will allow you to select the episode you would like to watch on that page Searching for an actor/director etc nf ppl [name of person] Netflix Search Workflow will automatically suggest matching names based on roles in movies in Netflix. Press enter (⏎) to open a page with a list of movies by/with that person
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