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  1. I'd recommend adding to Packal. I'd love to see screenshots. http://www.packal.org
  2. Carlos: Wanted to let you know that I love this workflow. I have been looking for something like this ever since I started using Alfred. Very nicely done. Thanks again, Michael Woodruff
  3. These may be some pretty stupid questions, but I am struggling on how to use this workflow or it just doesn’t work for me. I uninstalled previous versions and trying to get v3.0 b2 to work. When I type “pocket” I get a list if my OLDEST links first. So my questions are: Can I change sort order to display most recent articles first? Does this workflow require the Mac Pocket App to be installed? How do I trigger tags? I tried “pocket #tagname” but nothing happens. Can you get it to show archived links as well? Note: I am a premium user. Thanks for your time, Michael Woodruff
  4. Great to see you added tag support!! I tried installing, but I can’t seem to get tags to filter. From your notes on GitHub you mentioned using “#" to indicate a tag. This seems to do nothing for me. Could be user error? Is the Mac Pocket required? There was an upgrade today to the Mac app, and I am not sure if that broke something.
  5. Feature Request: Search by Tags Hello. Not sure there is an API for this, but is it possible to add the ability to search by tags (multiple with comma if possible)? I use tags quite a bit with Pocket, and would like to leverage this work. Searching now requires me to remember the title of the bookmark, which obviously requires a great bookmark title in order to find later, not to mention a good memory. Thanks for all the great work. P.S. I did post this on the GitHub repo as well.
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