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  1. Looks as though this workflow breaks with the new 6.11 (beta 1) release. Bummer as I'm so dependent on this workflow every day. May have to restore an earlier version of EN if you don't have a quick fix. :-(
  2. I just tried the new update 8.91. I don't have yosemite but I use Mavericks. I tried using ent along with selected notebook. After the colon I began searching a word and the results including notes from every notebook which was weird since I had already selected a specific notebook to look into. Just an FYI.
  3. I'm not sure what happened to my workflow. I thought I could use "ens" to search for any note but now as soon as I type "ens" into alfred, I can only use a # or @ for the search to work with searching for a notebook or tag first. I can no longer immediately just begin typing text after ens to search for content any in any note. Was this a feature originally? As soon as I begin typing content after "ens" it simply moves to a web search. Please help as I loved that feature!
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