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  1. Hi Alfred-Team, after installing the Yosemite public beta 4 I cannot open more than 4 URLs simultaneously with my workflow. It is a very simple one that opens my 10 most important URLs with one keyword. Works perfectly fine with latest version of Mavericks, but doesn't seem to work under Yosemite. Changing the browser to Google Chrome has the same effect. It always opens 4 tabs and for the rest I get a error message saying it can't open safari (or whatever browser is the standard browser) because it doesn't react. Maybe it's a problem with yosemite (it still is a beta) but maybe you know what to da about it. Thanks in advance. Edit: I forgot my Alfred version is 2.5 (296)
  2. Ilithian

    About This Mac

    that's great. Worked fine for me. Thank's a lot!
  3. Ilithian

    About This Mac

    Thanks, found it. Deleting the mymac.txt doesn't fix it. It creates a new one which is wrong again.
  4. Ilithian

    About This Mac

    same issue here. All informations are correct except the system info on the top. It shows an old mac I don't own anymore since about a year. But I migrated the system via Time Machine. Where do I find the workflow folder? There isn't one in the workflow data folder inside the Alfred 2 folder in Applications Support. At least not for your workflow. Strange...
  5. Ilithian

    f.lux workflow

    Isn't working for me either. I'm on Flux version 21 and OSX 10.8.3
  6. Ilithian

    Youtube Downloader (Based on youtube-dl)

    That's what I thought, but is isn't working for me with Webkit or Chrome. Just Safari seems to work...
  7. Ilithian

    Youtube Downloader (Based on youtube-dl)

    I'm sorry but I don't know how I can make this work with any other browser than Safari. How can I do that?