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  1. LOL - where is the palmface emoticon when you need it most? Thank you...that did the trick, indeed Paul
  2. Apologies if this is so trivial but I'm going nuts with this little problem of mine. First and foremost I am using Alfred because of RSI (wrist, elbow) so I'm trying to use my mouse as little as I can. I have tried to create a workflow to call certain folders which I often use and to display their contents, and it's not happening As an example in the workflow I've created there is the File Filter, with a keyword "docs". In Search Scope I've dragged my Documents Folder. In the workflow I've then connected it to "Reveal in Finder". When I launch Alfred and type "docs" and then enter I just get a blank icon that does not launch the finder, nor does it display any of the contents of the Documents folder. I've obviously made a (stupid) mistake somewhere... What? Where? Appreciate your help Paul
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