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  1. Love this workflow, thanks for sharing! I mostly just need to convert between CAD and USD, so I duplicated the "cur" script filter. Now I just type "usd 25" Just need to insert the currency before the $@ in the script.
  2. Seems this workflow needs to be updated both to work with Alfred 4, and to use an updated API. It's currently trying to use https://api.fixer.io, which has been deprecated. I tried setting up the new version of fixer.io's api with a free key but it still has errors. I really hope this plugin gets an update - I used it quite often when it was working.
  3. Thanks! Works perfectly for me first time. Only thing I had to do manually was add a $PATH variable after Node.js installed. (Create a text file in ~/.bash_profile with the content "export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin")
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