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  1. So right now the preview window of the clipboard allows you to see enough to know what's in the entry, but it's not so great for consultation. For example what I often do is that I copy bits of code that I only want to use as reference, but since reading those in clipboard preview is difficult (small text, broken lines, etc) I'm forced to paste the contents somewhere else. So my feature request would be to be able to customize the preview window (larger space, larger text) or simply make it bigger by default.
  2. Would adding the alfred:ignore tag to a folder make Alfred ignore all the files and subfolders too?
  3. Sorry for reviving an old thread but this is the first Google result on the matter. Would be awesome if there was a way to define a dynamic ignore. For example I'd like to ignore all node_modules folders which are created on every new JS project. AFAIK there is not really a way to do that in Spotlight either, but it would be awesome if Alfred could solve this.
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