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  1. David - thanks so much!!! I changed the abbreviation to be 'opf' so it would open a folder versus only op for open a file...think it works...Thanks so much for helping...now I need to learn more about Alfred!!!
  2. So far this seems to be what I needed == just a few tests and the OP plus the beginning of the name of the folder I'm thinking of [Docu...for documents and pic for pictures etc] - I'll test it some more and do really appreciate the help!!!
  3. Thanks much...I am not skilled at creating workflows but it does make sense to me, a bit. What I was trying to do was open the Documents folder in my User folder...but it could as well be Pictures or some other...I guess I'd like to be able in Alfred to either hit an abbreviation or hotkey and maybe the name of the folder [or part thereof - I use HoudahSpot for this purpose now but Alfred would probably be easier] -- i.e. op Docu....etc would open the folder not any document named Docu....
  4. Thanks so much...I am a Powerpack member == I would appreciate the help. Victoria not to mention the fact I need to learn more about how to use Alfred!
  5. I opened Alfred and hit 'op' to open something but it finds actual documents or emails and not Folders first == I want to work out a fast way to open a folder in my user folder, or attached drive, and this would do it other than it goes to a file instead. Thanks much.
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