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  1. Now Alfred 2 doesn't work, it ONLY works within that Workflow! ;'(
  2. Ok if I add a HOTKEY and connect it to the Script Filter it does what I want
  3. Now the problem is that I have to press DELETE every time I want to use Alfred It's either | OR Is there a way I can somehow tell Alfred to launch the 'Recent Commands' Workflow every time I press the Recent Commands Hotkey, but without actually sending the "\\" ? Is there an option to add a 'Default Workspace' in Alfred 2?
  4. Yes, I need to type 'commands' to activate that So I remapped to the keystroke to the symbol '\' Now, is there a way to automatically launch that Workflow every time I launch Alfred? Type keystroke '\' automatically?
  5. Hello I really like Executor on Windows because I launch it and I have a list of 10 recent programs I know Alfred allows me to press 'UP Arrow' and traverse through the list of recent programs However I would like to have a list of the 10 last executed programs, so I can press COMMAND + {NUMBER} and launch it Here is a screenshot Please don't tell me "Alfred already has that" because it doesn't. Please tell me if you think it's a good idea, I REALLY like Alfred, but to this day I still believe Executor is something that I like more For that sole reason Xavier
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