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  1. As I moved away from Evernote, I'm now keeping all my files/attachments/searchable pdfs in iCloud Drive and I'm using Notes as my main note taking app. I'm very keen with my current setup and this workflow is tremendously helpful - literally a godsend! - after the new Evernote apps broke my entire workflow (neither the Alfred extension nor spotlight worked anymore to search/action notes). I have one question regarding this workflow - how could I modify it to have the note open in a separate window after the search - without the sidebar? It currently opens the note in the "list view
  2. Confirmed that this is working. So great! Thank you. 🥳
  3. Hi, here are some snippets from the results that contain the start/end_date keys: -47D1-A1A4-622CA02AFBAD\",\"start_date\":\"2020-11-24T12:00:00Z\",\"end_date\":\"2020-11-24T13:00:00Z\",\"colour\": -A1A4-622CA02AFBAD\",\"start_date\":\"2020-11-25T08:30:00Z\",\"end_date\":\"2020-11-25T09:30:00Z\",\"colour\": -47D1-A1A4-622CA02AFBAD\",\"start_date\":\"2020-11-25T09:30:00Z\",\"end_date\":\"2020-11-25T10:00:00Z\",\"colour\":[0.9959999918937683,0.7649999856948853,0.03500000014901161,1]},{\"uid\":\"387C19A Thanks for helping investigate!
  4. 17:19:39 workflow.py:2080 ERROR time data '2020-11-18T08:' does not match format '%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S' Traceback (most recent call last): File "/Users/[MY_USER_FOLDER]/Dropbox/Alfred/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.DAF8E937-5E2D-41A2-B19C-74C900DB585F/workflow/workflow.py", line 2073, in run func(self) File "/Users/[MY_USER_FOLDER]/Dropbox/Alfred/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.DAF8E937-5E2D-41A2-B19C-74C900DB585F/video-conferences.py", line 205, in main return do_reload(args['--notify']) File "/Users/[MY_USER_FOLDER]/Dropbox/Alfred/Alfred.alfre
  5. [16:28:02.647] Logging Started... [16:28:17.654] Video Conferences[Script Filter] Queuing argument '(null)' [16:28:17.991] Video Conferences[Script Filter] Script with argv '(null)' finished [16:28:17.995] STDERR: Video Conferences[Script Filter] . 16:28:17 workflow.py:2061 DEBUG ---------- Video Conferences (0.1.1) ---------- 16:28:17 video-conferences.py:196 DEBUG args={'--calendar': None, '--event': None, '--force-reload': False, '--help': False, '--notify': False, '--reload': False, '<query>': None} 16:28:17 video-conferences.py:65 DEBUG max_cache_age=300 16:28:17 vide
  6. Hi all, started using this workflow (version 0.1.1) however I can't get it to work out of the box. After installing tried to restart MacOS (Catalina 10.15.7), using Alfred 4 + powerpack - .vc reload didn't help It's stuck on "Loading events..results should appear momentarily" Didn't change any of the config vars Using Google Meet + Calendar.app - meetings are visible in Calendar.app and contain meet.google.com links Alfred has access/permission to Calendar app Any thoughts?
  7. Thanks for the reply! This helps a lot.
  8. Hi there, thanks for sharing this very promising workflow. I was searching for a faster alternative for my current/old Evernote Workflow that I've been using for years now and looking forward to give this a one go. This workflow showed up but what's holding me back is that I have to give the app read rights to all my notes (even if i don't want to use the caching..). Which is what is holding me back from using it. Not familiar with the Evernote SDK/API but why should this app have direct read rights if the SDK can perform the search and just return the results? Could you explain a bit more abo
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