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  1. hey guys! I don't usually ever make videos like this, but this app for OSX users is just too incredible in every way possible .. it has literally changed everything, and I truly feel that this is the future of computing.


    also went ahead and uploaded all my favorite "workflows" to dropbox and attached the link in the description of the youtube page :) enjoy!


  2. Is there any way to download more than 1 link at a time without having to wait for each one to finish?


    also, is there a way it keeps track of it when i'm going through several links and employing download? like i noticed that just after one finishes downloading, if i had ran it again during that period, the next one in the queue will start.. was wondering if it's a "running queue" and will continually keep downloading them on it's own or if i have to be patient and do each one at a time while keeping the page open? (also, can i close the page after downloading begins?) thanks vitor!

  3. Hey guys! 


    Hate to be a pain in the ass but this would be a seriously killer workflow for me.. I work as a musician and am constantly going through 1000s of audio samples which are broken up into endless subfolders.. Much of the time I have to spend hours clicking through each subfolder, to be able to cut and paste out the contents.. It would be very nice to be able to do something where I can just click on the "Main folder"/"Top Folder" directory and empty the contents of the rest of the subfolders and directories into the main "top" folder..


    This would seriously be so amazing for me! Thank you guys!

  4. Please be patient, and don’t spam the forums. Not only have you opened another post to ask for the same thing just yesterday, you today bumped that, in addition to creating this one.

    Maybe no one is able to (or interested in) help with such a workflow; maybe such tasks can’t be reliably automated with Disk Utility (I haven’t checked); perhaps Disk Utility isn’t even the right tool at all to do this (it’s likely some CLI tools exist to do the job better).

    There are more users in need of assistance in these forums. By trying to so shamelessly grab attention to your own problem, you’re being disrespectful of theirs. Wait.


    I apologize.. I know that you're the top workflow submitter guy and I really respect and appreciate all the free work you've done to help out others :)


    My outlook on it was just that this is a new platform that doesn't have nearly as much exposure as it should have for how great it is (Alfred).. In addition, there's a LOT that Alfred still can't accomplish (for the users who don't know how to code or write their own complex workflows).. I know, just as well as you know, that the requests I made are surely requests that are 100% going to be made by either me or someone else in the world, most likely sooner than later.. 


    I won't make any more duplicate threads, but either way, I think it's worth getting the conversation started on a lot of these topics.. even if not addressed right away.. someone, at some point, somewhere, will google "Alfred Disk Utility workflow" or something along those lines.. so instead of turning up nothing, at least they can join onto the thread and maybe get the ball rolling...


    I really think a place like this would benefit from a "Requests" board where users can submit their requested workflows, and programmers can feel free to tackle any of them they feel beneficial :)


    I'm not sure about Logic Pro in particular, but usually clicking menu items in apps that don't officially support AppleScript can be done through System Events like this:

    tell application "System Events" to tell process "Logic Pro"
    set frontmost to true
    tell menu bar item "File" of menu bar 1
    click menu item "New" of menu 1
    end tell
    end tell


    If you could do this, you would be KING

  6. Hello. Is there a workflow to "Show" all open/minimized windows for all your running apps?


    I find it very frustrating on my MacBook Pro that sometimes if I minimize the main window of an app, that no matter how many times I click the icon on the Dock, or click "Show Windows", nothing comes up, I have to quit the app, restart it and then just have to remember to not close it again lol.. A lot of the time, I will be running Logic X on one screen and Chrome and iMessage on the other, so it would be helpful to have something that can "Maximize/Show" all open/running windows..


    Anything out there?

  7. Would Alfred workflows be able to accomplish tasks in Logic X?


    I spend a lot of time having to browse through the file menu hierarchy to load up certain plugins on the selected channel.. It would be pretty cool to have some hot keys where I could just add a specific plugin next in the slot on whatever track I have selected by just hitting a hotkey for it.. I'm a big Starcraft fan and found that you can only really ever reach "master" status once you "master" your hot-keys.. I feel like this would send my Logic X workflow THROUGH THE ROOF!


    Is this possible?? 



    I also imagine a workflow where instead of needing to know code, you can just like "record" a set of specific actions that you want to be run ..


    For example:


    I could have a hotkey configuration where I can have it record my actions, like okay, go to the selected track's channel strip, click plugins, click Soundtoys, click "Decapitator" plugin, click "Stereo" (which then opens that newly created plugin window)




    If I could have something like that, I would be able to fly through the production process..



    Is this possible? Please tell me it is..

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