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  1. I get an error code -43 trying to delete the snippet group from the Finder so it's non-Alfred issue... Thanks @Stephen_C
  2. Ah, dammit - I meant to include my os version... macOS 14.4.1 (23E224) Preferences stored in iCloud Thanks for the thread - will have a look
  3. Not sure if I'm missing something, doing something wrong or if Alfred is ignoring me Deleting a snippet doesn't work Steps to reproduce: install a snippet group try to remove a single snippet via the - button, confirm by pressing Delete nothing happens Deleting a snippet group doesn't work Steps to reproduce: install a snippet group try to remove a the snippet group via the - button, confirm by pressing Delete nothing happens
  4. Not seen that error message before. Bit of an odd one... are you running the python version of the workflow or the javascript version?
  5. @chowderresearcher Hi - yes, you need to run `find-of-db` as an Alfred command not from the command line. e.g.
  6. We're getting there... Next is: 1. Run Alfred command `find-of-db` to copy the path of the Omnifocus DB to your clipboard 2. Run Alfred command `set-of-db` and then paste (⌘-V) the database path as an argument and hit return then retry.
  7. Hi - no problem, this updated workflow has been more of a pain than the old version. It hasn't been a great user experience for everyone - apologies. Here's step by step instructions: Open terminal.app Type in `bash` and then press RETURN Type in `npm install -g alfred-search-omnifocus` and press RETURN You should then see a progress bar as the `npm` command downloads the required files and installs the workflow. If that doesn't work, let me know and I'll see if I can do something else to help. Screenshots to accompany each step above...
  8. I've updated the workflow to v1.0.12 so that it uses the latest versions of the packages it relies on to function correctly. Horror show complication errors seen before are now - as far as I can see - no longer happening. I've had issues with different versions of node and different shells on my Mac but I think if you switch to a bash shell before installing, the problems seen before won't happen: > bash bash-3.2$ node -v v18.12.1 bash-3.2$ npm install -g alfred-search-omnifocus ...
  9. Hi @jstncwlcx - thanks for raising this. I think I need to look at the latest version of better-sqlite3 and how that works with the latest version of node. Let me do this first and then - 🤞 - I can release an updated version of the workflow to solve this wretched issue... Cheers, Rhyd
  10. Ach! Yes, you’re right. Alfred won’t start up correctly with the preferences file synced via Maestral. ☹️
  11. Looks to be a Dropbox client issue. Using Maestral as an alternative downloads the file fine. Ignore me!
  12. Anyone seen this issue before and knows of a fix? I'm syncing my .alfredpreferences file to Dropbox from my primary Mac. Dropbox syncs the ~/Dropbox/Alfred folder without any issues but is not pulling down the Alfred.alfredpreferences folder into that folder (even though the file is available online via Dropbox). Selective Sync is disabled (everything should be stored locally since I'm on the free plan). Both MacBooks running Ventura. No sync issues reported by Dropbox. Full Disk Access enabled for Dropbox. 😫
  13. @jochi glad you found the answer at GitHub - sorry for the slow response here from me.
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