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  1. There's still a problem though - how to backup those Alfred's settings and workflows without the Time Machine? And I'd rather not use the sync-folder method which has already failed me. If I was to use syncing a folder with some cloud, should I add to syncing only alfred.preferences or something else? (it seems that some workflows are missing after restoring nothing but one file)
  2. thanks a lot; it works perfectly. By the way, instead of copying one can just restore from time machine, which is what I ultimately did.
  3. After setting up a sync folder, I've lost all my settings and worse - every and each workflow! What to do, I still have a right copy of alfred.preferences, so hopefully there is some rescue procedure ...
  4. my answer to any objections will always be the same - do you want to have workflows from ordinary Alfred users? Then move your lazy bones and/or do not create some water-tight community of Packals. End of story.
  5. For example - there should be some link to this Packal in Alfred app itself (in section "Workflows" or in some other readily visible and available place), also link preferably creating instantaneously new project on the Packal.
  6. great but when will you do this more accessible for non-specialist like me who has happened to cook up a few Alfred workflows so far but each time I have had to post them by some dropbox and such...
  7. Hello Vero, thank you for the quick response:) I agree to a point - in the Safari settings (as you said in the Tabs tab) you can set up opening links in new windows always but one of the very unwelcome upshots is that clicking on any casual link during surfing the Web will open it in a new window in the browser. To avoid this one has to open everything with CTRL which limits the ways you can open the links. That is why introducing such a functionality in Alfred as an option to tick for opening either a New Window or a Tab would make the use of Alfred much more flexible. The example of a script illustrating how probably easy it might be done can be found below and I believe that it shouldn't be difficult for Alfred developers to extend and implement it into Alfred app for good: on alfred_script(q) tell application "Safari" if "http:" is in q or "www." is in q or ".com" is in q or ".de" is in q or ".edu" is in q or ".net" is in q or ".org" is in q then make new document with properties {URL:q} else make new document with properties {URL:"http://www.google.com/search?q="&q} end if activate end tell end alfred_script source: the Alred workflow 'Safari Window' by auco
  8. I'm wondering why Alfred does not allow to choose between a New Window and a New Tab when it comes to opening a search engine's results in a browser? Such a feature is extremely important for people who do use a separate window for each topic or generally do not use one browser window for everything. Making it should be possible one way or other. After all there is already a simple workflow which allow to open a query or an url in a new Safari Window, but it's very simple and limited, therefore I don't use it.
  9. sorry, I don't have time to involve in this discussion. It's up to creator's of the app to make the process easier and unlike you, I'm convinced that they as well as users will benefit from it. After all, what would be the Alfred app without contibution of its users? I have to leave you on this note. As I said I don't have time to mull over the issue for all its importance but I'm sure you and others will find better and even safer solution then current state of affairs. Cheers!
  10. I've just set up a new topic in the section of workflows where I shared the workflow. It should be easily recoverable via a search engine of this forum. But in case you couldn't find it, here you are: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/7590-search-through-notes-for-a-word-or-phrase/ This way, should I make any updates in the workflow in the future, anyone interested will get the newest version for sure in one place.
  11. The workflow searches through Notes (native on Mac) for a word or phrase both in titles and contents of the notes. The results are shown in the Alfred's bar. The recommended keyword for evoking the workflow is "notes". Enjoy! Search through notes Thanks to RodgerWW: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/5364-search-notes-in-native-search-app/
  12. "I'd recommend creating a GitHub account and uploading the workflow and source code there (so others can contribute). Uploading the workflow to Packal is also a very good idea. It's where people look for workflows and it offers an updater workflow/app that can install updated versions of workflows for you." deanishe! I understand that the Packal and GitHub are better platforms for sharing workflows since those functions of communal development and updating. However, you've missed my entire point. People, incl. me, don't have time for such things. The bottom line of using Alfred on Mac is to make life simple. If Alfred wants us to share our workflows, may he develop the function of "share" in the app so that it will do the things his or your way. Currently you can only export your workflow to a folder via this route, that's far too simple. End of story... Mind you! This should be got across and end up directly at the Alfred's desktop, therefore I'd be grateful if one (hopefully you Deanishe) relay this to him.
  13. here's my workflow done by tweaking with RodgerWW's instruction. Feel free to download & install it. link to Search through Notes Enjoy! By the way, Alfred! The process of sharing the workflows in your app is very difficult, in fact I can't simply upload the file to a topic. Do sth about it! It's to our all advantage to utilise others' work without having to go through unnecessary hassle of creating a new workflow.
  14. Thanks a lot Vero. That resolves my problem perfectly! Have a great weekend!
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