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  1. Your keyboard shortcut does just what I need Verito. Thank you so much and may others always benefit from your kindness and wisdom. Migs
  2. Hi Vero: Is there a way to get the whole path to the file in the clipboard (using the Alfred keyboard shortcut)? As you know I have about 10 volumes connected to my Mac. Thanks Verito! Migs
  3. Hi Verito I just fixed the search scope. I foolishly assumed all mounted volumes would be searched. (I have many mounted volumes) That is why the file wasn't being found. Let me explore your two solutions and see what works best. Thanks for all your good will to me. Migs
  4. Hi Vero: In the attached screen shot I show a file and Alfred won't find it. It goes straight to offer Google. Thus I would rather select the file (much faster) and do something in Alfred to copy it's path to the clipboard. As you will appreciate the path is quite long. (look at the bottom) Thanks Vero, Migs
  5. I have found how to do this in a service after creating an Automator workflow BUT: I would like to have it be and alfred text that I can simply call from Alfred as such: Open alfred typing box and type copypath and in the clipboard the path goes. As an aside, when I use the copypath as a service I cannot directly paste the path into an Excel cell. I have to first copy it into a note and then copy it again from there and then paste it into a cell in Excel. Can I correct this behavior in Automator prior to creating the service? Or is there an altogether better way? Thanks again amigos, Migs
  6. Friends How do I copy the path of selected file to clipboard? Thanks amigos Migs
  7. You guys (gals) are awesome. Thank you so much. Migs
  8. I then went to the Applescript editor and when the script is run from within the editor it does indeed create a folder, but only on the desktop. It of course doesnt work if you do nf twice because the folder already exists. Next I saved the script as an application and added that to the alfred bin bash run script but that didnt work. query="{query}" /Users/migs/Downloads/newfold.app echo -n $query
  9. Hi Vitor The download didn't download. Tried Chrome and Safari (The link at the transfer.sh site does not download. ) I pasted your script into the advanced window trying to replicate your graphic example but it didn't do anything. (Templates>Essentials>Keyword to Script) Thanks for helping me. Migs
  10. Friends: ((First please excuse me if this question has been asked a million times but I couldn't find the workflow try as I might)) Newbie starting to love Alfred 3. I've searched the forums and tried some workflows with no luck. How do I create a new folder in the current finder window? Most gratefully, Migs PS: New Folder.alfredworkflow doesn't do anything and has no instructions
  11. Friends Lets say I use Alfred to find a file called personnel. Alfred lists several it found. I down arrow to the file I want. Now I want to see the file in its enclosing folder (Instead of opening it). How do I do that? I have the power pack. Thanks for your help. Migs
  12. You made me happy David! Outstanding and thank you very much -Migs
  13. That's exactly what I wanted. You are awesome! Thanks. Migs
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