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  1. Rename looks incredibly awesome. I can appreciate all you put into it, and am grateful it's available for free. I am learning regular expressions right now, but am admittedly not there yet, and I'm having an even harder time integrating it into a working command line for Rename. I was wondering if you would mind offering a quick bit of help here... I have 400 image files in a folder that need to be renamed in bulk. They all share the same format: Yada yada yada - IMG_1234.CR2 Yada yada yada could be any string of any length. Space before and after the hyphens are consistent across all files - IMG_ appears in every single file in that position 1234 could be any 4 digits including zeros, but it is always exactly 4 in length There is never anything after the 1234 digits except a period and the extension I want to rename the files to: Mendenhall Glacier - EXIF capture date - 1234.cr2 The Mendenhall Glacier string would be the same for all files. The EXIF date I believe I need to use $cmm, but I'm not sure how to work that into the regex The 1234 should be whatever the original 4 numbers are The capitalization of the extension I intentionally want to now make lowercase What would my full Rename command line look like to accomplish this? GREATLY appreciate your help!
  2. I upgraded to Yosemite yesterday on my MBP. I'm running Alfred 2.5.1 (306). At first it was working just fine, but I noticed it wasn't finding 1password 5 as I type commands into the Alfred window. I usually would get 1password to show up as soon as I typed "1" or "1p", but the only thing it was showing is "1Password Bookmark...". It would never show the app itself, which I wanted to launch as opposed to looking up a bookmark. So I went to Alfred preferences, and cleared the Application Cache under the Advanced tab. Didn't help. So I rebuilt the OS X Metadata index, deleting the Spotlight index in the process. It ran for hours yesterday evening, all night, and hours more this morning and it still didn't fix it. Oddly enough, it I use Spotlight to try and find applications, it's not finding those either. So I'm thinking it's not Alfred, but I can't be sure since I have never one used spotlight since I first installed Alfred a couple versions ago. Any thoughts?
  3. Is this particular Things workflow still available? None of the links above are working for me, and I see no activity on this thread since 2013. I've found a couple other Things workflows online, but they're all pretty buggy and don't seem nearly as good as this one.
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