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  1. HI, it seems that you have simply added the folder to Alfred's buffer the buffer is a place where you temporary add files/folders while browsing, and then you'll be able to perform an action on them all at the same time here some info about adding files/folders to and using the buffer, and how to remove them https://www.alfredapp.com/help/features/file-search/#file-buffer Giulio
  2. Thanks to deanishe for the excellent and superuseful workflow
  3. I am very happy using Glosbe translation workflow http://www.packal.org/workflow/glosbe-translation out of the box, it is ready for english/german translation ende word - will translate from english to german deen word - will translate from german to english but it was very easy to customize the workflow to add new languages, so now I have also enit word - english to italian iten word - italian to english and more... hope it helps, Giulio
  4. Open Alfred preferences, click on Snippets on the left bar, and change he Hotkey it should be quite easy to find Giulio
  5. Just a guess: did you try to go on appearance - fonts tab, and try to change the font used by the thrme, trying first 'System' or 'System light'? Giulio
  6. Yes, somewhere on the help page https://www.alfredapp.com/help/features/contacts/ Giulio
  7. Well, I think there could be a solution, but a little tricky to implement. Using Applescript you could be able to display a dialog to the user and accept an input, then you could use the value to override the workflow environment variables. obviously that will not work at installation time, but at the first launch, after you control the missing value here you have a startup: place on your workflow an osascript AS object, and paste this code: on run argv set theName to the text returned of (display dialog "What is your name?" default answer "") end run running it you will have a dialog appear, asking the user for input if you link a 'post notification' object after that, you will se what the user has entered (I think the AS output is simply the last variable set, theName in this case) I'm quite sure that also in Javascript, if used as OSAscript, you can display a dialog, if you feel more comfortable with javascript... once obtained the value, you should be able to set it as workflow variable: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/advanced/variables/ hope this helps a bit, Giulio
  8. You should investigate the 'merging' option in Alfred preferences > Clipboard enabling it you can use cmd - double C to append the text to the previous you can choose to put a separator between copied strings, such as space or a newline, and you can choose if the merged text will be placed again in the macOS clipboard, so you can simply use cmd-V to paste all the previous copied lines, or you can find the merged text on Alfred's clipboard history hope it helps,
  9. Hi, indeed a cool dock I was able to change the Alfred pref icon on the dock pasting the new icon on the Information window of the pref app ( Alfred 3.app/Contents/Preferences ) a quick test: I have opened the info of a folder that has a custom icon using Cmd I, I have clicked on the icon on the top left and copied with Cmd C opened the info of the pref app, selected the icon on the top left and pasted the new icon Giulio
  10. Hi, what do you mean about not being able to add the files to the buffer? You should be able to navigate the file list using the arrows and use alt-arrow up to add the current file to the buffer or use use alt-arrow down to add the file to the buffer and move to the following file (faster) and then use alt-arrow right to action them all or maybe I have not got your question?
  11. Hi, in Alfred preferences go to File System -> Navigation
  12. Sincerely can't see where the problem is that message is shown only the first time the app is opened, so you should simply open the app directly the first time or am I missing something?
  13. But if you move the Alfred window it will stay where you put it the next time it appears. Doesn't work this way for you?
  14. Surely I'm missing something, but shouldn't be order of the objects (from top to down), to specify the execution order?