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  1. just for curiosity and trying to understand, could you try this? snapshot2
  2. No, I'm on 10.12.6, and your workflow works just fine for me so maybe Hig Sierra changed something
  3. this is working for me, using a run NSApplescript action in a workflow: on alfred_script(q) -- path to the desktop set theDesktop to POSIX path of (path to desktop as string) -- variables to form the name of the snapshot set {year:y, month:m, day:d} to current date set myDate to y as string & "-" & m as string & "-" & d as string set myTime to time string of (current date) -- command to take the snapshot set shellCommand to "/usr/sbin/screencapture " & theDesktop & "Screenshoot-" & myDate & "-" & myTime & ".png" do shell script shellCommand -- command to open the snapshot set shellCommand to "open " & theDesktop & "Screenshoot-" & myDate & "-" & myTime & ".png" do shell script shellCommand end alfred_script obviously you should use an alfred shortcut to start the workflow, instead of cmd+ctrl+shift+4
  4. yes, I confirm. if you add a new desktop, it is not automatically enbled the corrispondent shortcut, and the script relies on the shortcut so, if we even could find a way to count the desktops, we should anyway goto the preferences to add their shortcut, so nothing automagically working
  5. yes, unfortunately yes, this solution works for a fixed number of screens. and more if you add more desktops, i imagine you should also change the preferences to enable the shortcut to them anyway if you change the number of desktops, is also really easy to adjust the script. just keep in mind to start from keycode 18. (Ctrl 1), and go on (19 for Ctrl 2 and so on) yes, I admit is quite tricky
  6. Don't know if there is a simpler way to do this, but it seems I have found a way and it is working for me. let's say we have 'Desktop 1' on the first screen for personal use and ' 'Desktop 2' for development in the second screen we have 'Desktop 3' for personal use and ' 'Desktop 4' for development In System preferences -> keyboard -> shortcut -> Mission Control we can enable the various 'Go to desktop', using Ctrl and the desktop number now you can create a really simple workflow: add and input element, with keyword 'pers', decheck 'with space', select 'no argument'; link it to an NSApplescript object, with this code on alfred_script(q) tell application "System Events" to key code 18 using control down tell application "System Events" to key code 20 using control down end alfred_script this will switch both screens to personal use. add another two linked objects the same way, set the input keyword to 'dev', and on the linked NSApplescript object put this code: on alfred_script(q) tell application "System Events" to key code 19 using control down tell application "System Events" to key code 21 using control down end alfred_script this should switch both screens to development use. hope it works for you! Giulio
  7. I'm not a native english speaker, working a lot with list of keywords that describe audio files... This tool can be A LOT useful for me! Thank you!
  8. juliosecco

    List and change sound output device?

    Hi, I'm using audioswitch http://www.packal.org/search/site/audioswitch
  9. juliosecco

    send-url workflow replacement?

    works just fine... added activate to bring Safari in front, and it's exactly what I needed... thank you so much Vitor! Giulio
  10. Hi all, I used a lot the Send URL by Jonas Eriksen, but now that I have upgraded to Sierra (yes, I waited some time for...), ir stopped functioning, at least for my needs. My essential use of it was simply while navigating in Chrome, open at any time the current Chrome tab address in Safari, and that's all. now the send url to Safari entry has disappeared... In the GitHub page the last update is 2 years ago... I'm looking for a replacement, any idea? thank you, Giulio
  11. HI, it seems that you have simply added the folder to Alfred's buffer the buffer is a place where you temporary add files/folders while browsing, and then you'll be able to perform an action on them all at the same time here some info about adding files/folders to and using the buffer, and how to remove them https://www.alfredapp.com/help/features/file-search/#file-buffer Giulio
  12. juliosecco

    translate a word

    Thanks to deanishe for the excellent and superuseful workflow
  13. juliosecco

    translate a word

    I am very happy using Glosbe translation workflow http://www.packal.org/workflow/glosbe-translation out of the box, it is ready for english/german translation ende word - will translate from english to german deen word - will translate from german to english but it was very easy to customize the workflow to add new languages, so now I have also enit word - english to italian iten word - italian to english and more... hope it helps, Giulio