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  1. I use and like Glosbe workflow a lot, but it has has suddenly stopped working the workflow outputs 'error contacting glosbe.com' here the debug: Starting debug for 'Glosbe Translation' [2019-02-27 11:10:41][ERROR: input.scriptfilter] Code 1: 11:10:41 translate.py:133 DEBUG script args : [u'eng', u'ita', u'c'] 11:10:41 translate.py:135 DEBUG docopt args : {u'--help': False, u'--langs': False, u'--openhelp': False, u'--text': False, u'<dest>': u'ita', u'<query>': u'c', u'<sou
  2. I use your glosbe workflow a lot, and like it very much, but it has suddenly stopped working... I have checked all the 'Mojave' suggestions, but anyway it was working in Mojave until some time ago.
  3. I love Recent Items. it allows you to open recent files and folders, and manage a list of favourites to list and open
  4. Hi, I have never used python , but I have arranged a little update to the fuzzylist.py script. at line 25 you can see a line like this: r['uid']=r['arg'] now you should insert two new lines before it: r['arg']=r['title'] r['subtitle']="" the first command will set the 'arg' (the value that will be pasted if you attach a 'Copy to clipboard' action to the Script filter) in the output json file with the same value of the 'title' the second command simply sets 'subtitle' to empty. so you don't se
  5. well, using BBedit or another text editor thst accepts regular expressions, you could do a search replace this way: search string: ^([^\n]+)$ replace string: \1,,\1 (tested with BBedit and it works)
  6. well, in the case of workflows, they could contain just everything, but especially text and maybe images
  7. just for curiosity and trying to understand, could you try this? snapshot2
  8. No, I'm on 10.12.6, and your workflow works just fine for me so maybe Hig Sierra changed something
  9. this is working for me, using a run NSApplescript action in a workflow: on alfred_script(q) -- path to the desktop set theDesktop to POSIX path of (path to desktop as string) -- variables to form the name of the snapshot set {year:y, month:m, day:d} to current date set myDate to y as string & "-" & m as string & "-" & d as string set myTime to time string of (current date) -- command to take the snapshot set shellCommand to "/usr/sbin/screencapture " & theDesktop & "Screenshoot-" & myDate & "-" & myTime &
  10. yes, I confirm. if you add a new desktop, it is not automatically enbled the corrispondent shortcut, and the script relies on the shortcut so, if we even could find a way to count the desktops, we should anyway goto the preferences to add their shortcut, so nothing automagically working
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