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  1. I would like to use Alfred Remote with my iPad as a control board for when I'm working on my Mac. Would it be possible to dim/shut off the screen after a time period but at the same time prevent the iOS locking time to expire. Its a little bit of a pain every 15 minutes having to click the home button and re-enter my passcode. Hope this is possible.
  2. After I added a remote trigger and creating a new page I was able to add a button to run my workflow. However I'm not quite sure what remote pages are. I tried to add my workflow by clicking the "+" on the remote tab I see the message "No workflows currently contain remote pages". I guess the "+" is to create pages on not add individual workflows. Hopefully you can talk about what remote pages are.
  3. I didn't see a way to run workflows from the iOS app. Did I miss something? If not is this something that is being considered? I think this would be the real power to be able to run a multi step workflow.
  4. Apparently youtube doesn't know what *best* quality means. Even though there was a 1080p version of a video it downloaded the 720p version: format code extension resolution note 139 m4a audio only DASH audio 49k , audio@ 48k (22050Hz), 581.15KiB (worst) 140 m4a audio only DASH audio 129k , audio@128k (44100Hz), 1.51MiB 171 webm audio only DASH audio 132k , audio@128k (44100Hz), 1.30MiB 172 webm audio only DASH audio 193k , audio@256k (44100Hz), 1.90MiB 141 m4a audio only DASH audio 255k , audio@256k (44100Hz), 2.99MiB 278 webm 256x144 DASH video 97k , webm container, VP9, video only, 593.79KiB 160 mp4 256x144 DASH video 121k , video only, 1.17MiB 242 webm 426x240 DASH video 215k , video only, 1.05MiB 133 mp4 426x240 DASH video 296k , video only, 2.63MiB 243 webm 640x360 DASH video 382k , video only, 1.89MiB 134 mp4 640x360 DASH video 354k , video only, 2.26MiB 244 webm 854x480 DASH video 614k , video only, 3.04MiB 135 mp4 854x480 DASH video 676k , video only, 4.67MiB 247 webm 1280x720 DASH video 1161k , video only, 5.82MiB 136 mp4 1280x720 DASH video 1221k , video only, 9.26MiB 248 webm 1920x1080 DASH video 2010k , video only, 10.77MiB 137 mp4 1920x1080 DASH video 2342k , video only, 18.47MiB 17 3gp 176x144 36 3gp 320x240 5 flv 400x240 43 webm 640x360 18 mp4 640x360 22 mp4 1280x720 (best) I added this flag into the getfile method to get it to download a 1080p version: -f 137/22/18/17
  5. Use the experimental version listed in the first post. It works with Yosemite. I am using it right now.
  6. S Actually you can't use Ruby 2.0 with this Workflow. One of the underlying Ruby libraries the workflow uses is not compatible with Ruby 2.0. You can use the experimental version (there's a link in the first post) which uses Perl instead of Ruby.
  7. All, I have a workflow that allows you to search for iTunes Art Work. There are three keywords: artmovie arttv artmusic Once you search for a movie, tv show, or music it will open up two tabs in your browser with a standard resolution image and high resolution image. This workflow is based on Ben Dodson's Artwork Finder https://github.com/bendodson/itunes-artwork-finder/ You may download this work flow from https://github.com/scottfwalter/iTunes-Artwork-Search FYI -- This workflow searches the U.S. iTunes stored which can easily be changed by updating the script filter to pass in a different country code.
  8. So the result of my script filter is going to be a url. The url in turn points to a image. Is there a way to take the url and save it to the clipboard? If not how about saving the url to a temporary file and then copying that to the clipboard? Thanks in advance, Scott
  9. FYI the Mavericks version seems to be working with Yosemite.
  10. Thanks for this workflow I modified it a bit: 1. One of my ethernet addresses did not start with a number so your grep was removing it. 2. I added the name of the device next to the 3. Removed displaying interfaces that do not have an ip address 4. Added displaying the public facing ip address INTERFACES=$(networksetup -listallhardwareports | grep -B 2 "Ethernet Address: [a-f]*" | grep -v -E '(Ethernet|\-\-)' | cut -d":" -f2 | paste -s -d" " -) # Parse through interfaces for interface in $INTERFACES do CMD_OUT=$(ifconfig $interface inet 2>&1 | grep -v -E '(option|flags)' | cut -d" " -f2) if [ -z $CMD_OUT ]; then error="" else if [ $CMD_OUT = "interface" ]; then error="" else echo "$(networksetup -listallhardwareports | grep -B 1 "Device: $interface" | grep "Hardware Port" | cut -d":" -f2) ($interface) $CMD_OUT" fi fi done echo " Public Facing $(dig +short myip.opendns.com @resolver1.opendns.com)"
  11. For whatever reason I couldn't get the existing Rotten Tomatoes Workflows to work so I wrote my own. Its pretty basic and has three main keywords: "movies" to search for movies "soon" movies coming out this month "opening" movies opening this weekend Too bad the Rotten Tomatoes API only shows coming soon movies for the current month. I tried to get the movies coming out for the next 3 months but they just don't expose an API for that purpose. Bummer. You will need to setup a Rotten Tomatoes API Key so that the workflow will work properly. First get a API key from http://developer.rottentomatoes.com. Once you have the API key use the keyword "rottenkey" to set the API key. This is my first published workflow so please let me know if you see any areas for improvement. Finally you can download the workflow from http://scottwalter.com/files/RottenTomatoes.alfredworkflow
  12. Pressing tab for me doesn't work either. I downloaded the workflow from the first post in this thread. Is there an update I need to grab from somewhere else?
  13. It would be nice if we could sync clipboard history across machines via Dropbox.
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