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    scottfwalter got a reaction from nebaon in Another Rotten Tomatoes Workflow   
    For whatever reason I couldn't get the existing Rotten Tomatoes Workflows to work so I wrote my own.  Its pretty basic and has three main keywords:
    "movies" to search for movies
    "soon" movies coming out this month
    "opening" movies opening this weekend
    Too bad the Rotten Tomatoes API only shows coming soon movies for the current month.  I tried to get the movies coming out for the next 3 months but they just don't expose an API for that purpose.  Bummer.
    You will need to setup a Rotten Tomatoes API Key so that the workflow will work properly.  First get a API key from http://developer.rottentomatoes.com.  Once you have the API key use the keyword "rottenkey" to set the API key.
    This is my first published workflow so please let me know if you see any areas for improvement.  Finally you can download the workflow from http://scottwalter.com/files/RottenTomatoes.alfredworkflow
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    scottfwalter got a reaction from mixterdee in Yet another window layout workflow   
    Use the experimental version listed in the first post.  It works with Yosemite.  I am using it right now.
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    scottfwalter got a reaction from bduncan in Select ScanSnap Manager Profile   
    Awesome!  Thanks for this workflow.  Its the little workflows that really make Alfred shine.
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    scottfwalter got a reaction from designandsuch in Workflow: Units - convert currency length temperature weight and more   
    This is one of my favorite and most used workflows.   In case any cares the others that round out my top 5 include:
    Can I Use
    Favorite Folders
    Screenshot of Web Pages
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    scottfwalter got a reaction from mt5 in Worfklow Organization   
    I have two ideas for organizing extensions:
    1.  Ability to right click on a workflow and duplicate
    2.  Organize workflows into groups or ability to manually sort the workflows
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    scottfwalter got a reaction from Benzi in Take quick screenshots using the ScreenCapture workflow   
    Just a reminder in interactive mode instead of drawing a rectangle you can press the space bar and select a window to capture.
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    scottfwalter got a reaction from OliverJAsh in Connecting to remove server(s)   
    I have this script
    on alfred_script(argv) set myList to splitString(argv, " ") set numItems to count myList if numItems is less than 3 then display dialog "You need to pass at least 3 arguments" return end if set theServer to item 1 of myList set theUsername to item 2 of myList set thePassword to item 3 of myList set theVolume to item 4 of myList set theUrl to "afp://" & theUsername & ":" & thePassword & "@" & theServer if numItems is 4 then set theUrl to theUrl & "/" & theVolume end if --display dialog theUrl tell application "Finder" mount volume theUrl end tell end alfred_script to splitString(aString, delimiter) set retVal to {} set prevDelimiter to AppleScript's text item delimiters log delimiter set AppleScript's text item delimiters to {delimiter} set retVal to every text item of aString set AppleScript's text item delimiters to prevDelimiter return retVal end splitString  
      The only problem is that it won't work if the volume has a space in it.  I can't figure out how to escape a space when entering the query in Alfred
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