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  1. @Andrew I ended up uninstalling 1P and deleting all traces of 1P from my computer. Then I reinstalled and now Alfred is working fine. Thanks for your help.
  2. @Andrew I disabled 1P 3rd party integration, and Alfred still has the 1P bookmarks in it. I guess Alfred is not looking at the correct place. It seems like this is a leftover from 1P v6 and Alfred is looking in there. What should I do to make Alfred see the new 1P bookmarks?
  3. @Andrew I have the Mac App Store version of 1P. Here is the path: /Users/Alex/Library/Containers/com.agilebits.onepassword7/Data/Library/Caches/Metadata/1Password
  4. Hi All, I just updated to 1Password v.7.4.1. I've been using Alfred with 1P with no problems until this version. Now I have a problem where the 1P bookmarks don't update in Alfred. I tried unchecking the 1P integration in Alfred, then unchecking 3rd party integration in 1P, quitting both, and then checking those back on. Nothing happened. I am still getting the old 1P bookmarks in Alfred. I wonder where Alfred is getting the old bookmarks from? I guess it is some kind of a cache that I can flush? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  5. @blacs30, here is what appears in the debugging console when I try to login (see the error): [12:14:41.910] Logging Started... [12:14:51.982] Bitwarden CLI[Keyword] Processing complete [12:14:51.983] Bitwarden CLI[Keyword] Passing output '' to Run Script [12:14:52.520] ERROR: Bitwarden CLI[Run Script] 2910:2911: syntax error: Expected end of line but found “"”. (-2741) [12:14:52.523] Bitwarden CLI[Run Script] Processing complete [12:14:52.523] Bitwarden CLI[Run Script] Passing output '' to Post Notification
  6. Hi @blacs30 you are correct, the workflow doesn't ask for a password when I try to login with my BitWarden account. I am using the latest Mac OS X 10.14.6. Yes, I upgraded Alfred from v3 to v4, and I am running the latest Alfred 4.0.4 version. Also, Alfred is already enabled in the Privacy/Accessibility settings in System Preferences.
  7. I installed this workflow and installed the Node version of the CLI, but the workflow doesn't work for me. I set the email, I set the server, and when i try to login and type bwlogin and hit enter, nothing happens. The Alfred search bar disappears, and that is it. Am I doing something wrong?
  8. I have a problem with 1Password 5 too after upgrading to Yosemite. I get the "unable to find 1 Password data" error and can't get 1Password bookmarks in Alfred. I tried everything to make it work: 1) Checked/unchecked Enable 1Password bookmarks 2) Checked/unchecked Discover Automatically 3) I even put the path to the 1Password JSON file in the Library manually 4) I checked/unchecked Enable 3rd party integration in 1Password So, I did all of these things, restarting Alfred after each one of them, but still nothing. When I type "1p", I get two items, the application itself, and "1Password mini" (the mini item wasn't there before in Lion). I can't get Alfred to show me the 1Password bookmarks any more. This was probably the shortcut that I use most every day, opening 1P bookmarks in Alfred. In case it helps, 1Password is synced with iCloud, and Alfred's preferences are synced with Dropbox between my desktop and laptop computers. Could you please tell me what I need to do to fix this, because otherwise I am loosing a feature that I use most on Alfred? Thanks!
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