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  1. hey @Andrew, thanks for reply. I do have Siri bound to cmd+space longpress, as that's actually quite useful and I want to use it side by side with Alfred. I guess I'll have to choose 😄 Thanks for the info.
  2. Thanks! Unfortunately this didn't fix the issue for me.
  3. Hi there! Long time user of Alfred Powerpack here. I noticed that in the recent weeks, alfred has been slower to display the prompt. The way this manifests is I press cmd+space and cmd+V in quick succession, and often, my clipboard gets pasted in the focused app, and not in Alfred's prompt. If I consciously wait for a moment and then press cmd+V, everything works fine. Maybe this was caused by a recent OSX update? I noticed that the OS's screenshot capability triggered by cmd+shift+4 also now has a delay that wasn't there before. My OS version: 10.14.6 Alfred version: 4.1.1
  4. Hi! I am using the fallback Google search a lot, and I would love if I could hold Cmd to use a different search provider – e.g. "Google I'm Feeling Lucky" or "Google Image search". What do you think?
  5. It seems the issue was related to Alfred. After I switched to pre-release updates and updated from Alfred 2 v2.5 (299) to the latest v2.5.1 (308), the workflow started working again. With the old Alfred version, the result stayed like this even after I typed a hexadecimal for the color:
  6. Hi! Will there be an update for Yosemite? The workflow stopped working for me after I updated. Thanks!
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