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  1. Aha, this did the trick. It also solved another issue I was having related to snippets not working. I'll post in the other thread as well. Thanks!
  2. OK, this is fixed now -- turns out I had to remove Alfred from the Accessibility panel and re-add him per @Andrew's instructions. See the post below for details. Two birds, one stone!
  3. Indeed I have. It's usually my first step!
  4. Yes, exactly -- I'm interested in the pasting option, which has always worked brilliantly for me in any app. And for that I've never had "automatically expand..." checked. I just tested in TextEdit and it doesn't work. The list comes up normally in Alfred, but nothing ever gets pasted in.
  5. Attaching these in case they're helpful:
  6. Not sure why or how, but none of my snippets work any more. I can bring them up just fine in the Alfred window as I always have, but when I select one and hit return it fails to paste into my text as it always has before. I'm working on a brand new MacBook I just got, which I migrated everything into from a Time Machine backup (using Migration Assistant). I insured that all of Alfred's requested permissions have been granted. All my preferences look the same way they always have, so I'm a bit stumped.
  7. Sure, that's a workaround -- but the built-in command seems to now be broken. I'm on 10.15.4 and seeing the same issue. Just used the built-in "lock" command and nothing happens. I know I've used it in the past successfully. I'm not using Karabiner or any other key remapping software.
  8. Works great, but also changes my Alfred theme every time as well back to one of Alfred's default themes. How do I make it stop doing that?
  9. Yep, that search scope is in there. As I said, other files in iCloud Drive are showing, but this one isn't and I think it's related to the fact that I renamed it.
  10. Just noticed that in the Spotlight result I put in above, the file I'm searching for seems to also retain its original default screenshot name. When I search Alfred for part of that name, it comes up, and shows the new name too. Weird!
  11. I was just trying to search for a file in my iCloud Drive, and Alfred won't turn it up -- but Spotlight will. It might be a one-off issue, as other iCloud Drive-based files and folders seem to be showing up ok. When I put in the file name in Spotlight, it turns up: ...and when I search for it in Alfred, I see nothing but my default Internet search options: (also, no idea why the type in this screenshot looks weird — it's normal in reality).
  12. I've been using Alfred Powerpack since v1 and love it. The one huge omission is that there should really be a better way of discovering themes and workflows. Alfred is a mature, polished and well-developed app by now, and it seems weird to send people to either trudge through forum threads or go to some third-party site instead of coming up with something official. These guys are doing it in a really smart way that feels much more inviting and fun -- a gallery which accomodates user-submitted themes: https://styles.ulyssesapp.com
  13. Cool, but you can also just go to the main login screen, which leaves only the password field active. Clean away and then when you're done, clear out the password field and log back in.
  14. Nice, but how are you seeing those divider lines between your search results? I'm not seeing those at all... [edit] nevermind, I see it now, under "separator colour"
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