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  1. @Andrew thank you so much. I can't believe I didn't check that, but the Spotlight shortcut must have been reset during some update and I never noticed. Ugh. Working now! Guess now I'll need to find a different excuse to rebuild my Mac.. 😉 Thanks again.
  2. A strange one, but has persisted across many updates of both Alfred and Mac OS, so figured I'd post in case someone can help figure out what's going on. Summary: After invoking Alfred and doing some search or command (opening an app, using calculator, etc), my keyboard no longer functions until I use the App Switcher (Cmd-Tab) to change apps back and forth. After that everything is fine. It seems to also affect my trackpad, though in that case clicking works, but only after clicking twice. Same workaround: if I switch to a different app and then back again, all is well until t
  3. FYI, I think I got this solved. I'm using Dropbox, and the only way I could get this to work was to start syncing to an entirely new folder within my Dropbox. Whenever I tried to sync with an existing folder, whether or not I had ever synced my Alfred preferences to that folder before, I had these symptoms. Creating a brand-new folder and syncing there (after first making sure Alfred was not running on all machines except one) got it to start working again. Weird, but at least solved for now. Thanks!
  4. Hmm.. So confusing. I've followed all these instructions, and here's what's happening: - One my laptop, the Alfred window is triggered by Cmd + Space. But in Preferences, the hotkey shows as Option + Space. - The *actual* appearance of the Alfred window is Yosemite Light with the hat and cog hidden. But in Preferences, the Theme is shown as Light, with hat and cog not hidden. It will work this way until I quit the app. If I quit Alfred (the actual app, not just the Preferences), it all reverts back to the way the preferences say, i.e. default Light theme, showing hat and cog, and tr
  5. Ok, I repaired permissions, that didn't change anything. Switched sync to a different folder, and that did resolve the appearance issue. I'm still unable to set the hotkey to Command-Space, though. My muscle-memory on that one is very strong! I've lost my custom searches too, hopefully I'll be able to recreate those from a different computer.
  6. On Yosemite, I'm having trouble with all kinds of preferences not sticking or not being able to be set. - I'm not able to set my keyboard shortcut to Command-Space. I have the Spotlight keyboard shortcuts turned off (and also set to something else just in case). - When I set the appearance to something other than the default, it reverts back after quitting and relaunching Alfred Preferences. For example, I switched the theme to OS X Yosemite Light, turned off the hat and the cog and then quit the Preferences app. When I go to preferences again, it's back to Alfred Light. - None of my cus
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