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  1. I just upgraded from Alfred 2 to 4 finally but I've lost all my snippets, how do I import them withuot having to manually add them?
  2. Hey not sure if I need mfdind, I think it's this simple: "fonts foobar" should open a finder search limited to my fonts folder for 'foobar', I don't want the results in alfred.
  3. Really great script! How can I modify the script so that it works on the selected text in whatever app I have open?
  4. I thought I understood some regex but I'm confused here, how does one enter the replace string? edit: I see, its the "/"
  5. Hi, thanks for the workflow, this sounds exactly what I need. Where can I download the latest workflow? The original post has a file from a whole year ago…
  6. First part yes, second part: when I press Ctrl+Return on my File Filter with a limited scope (keyword is 'fonts'), it brings up a Web Search with 'fonts foobar'. Yes! Except, Alfred also uses whatever is highlighted in the search result instead of my original search term, i.e. if I activated the workflow using 'find helvetica', and I pressed Alt+Enter, instead of showing a finder spotlight search looking for 'Helvetica', it's looking for the highlighted results 'HelveticaNeueeTextPro-Bold', which is not what I want.
  7. I would like to create a workflow that is close to the 'Filter from keyword and reveal', with a limited search scope but instead of display the search results in the Alfred window, I'd like it to reveal all search results in Finder (like spotlight, but restricted to a specific folder). Any advice is much appreciated. bests John
  8. I have the same problem, taking even longer, on MBP 2012, 10.8.5. Starts up fine when I load it manually too. 27/10/14 8:26:17.748 AM Alfred 2[339]: [TIMER] 147.048934 seconds to initialise Alfred 27/10/14 10:05:40.089 AM Alfred 2[338]: [TIMER] 163.214553 seconds to initialise Alfred
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