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  1. This is a cool workflow. Seems to work on High Sierra with the exception of opening the newly made file in your favorite application. I have notifications disabled so I don't know if that part works. I'm wondering if we could somehow eliminate the redundancy in the workflow where it has a separate row for each filetype. Do you think it's doable? It would be nice to have a big folder of template files and have the workflow access all of them. Thoughts?
  2. @johnjoonso: Sorry I haven't checked this thread in so long. You must COPY the text to your clipboard (typically via Edit > Copy or ⌘C) before running the workflow. Then, when you type your regex and hit enter, the result is automatically pasted. ------ As a bonus, this means you could potentially copy text from one location, then move your cursor to another location, and get the result in the new location.
  3. Great workflow! Requests: 1. How can I disable the "About" "documentation" that appears when I type the keyword? I would strongly prefer if it said "Units" "Convert units" or something like that. Can the link be disabled too? 2. There seems to be no circle icon. Can you put one in?
  4. @ohmish Thank you very much, I appreciate it. Regex now supports the tr/// operation. Use cases: tr/this/that tr[a-z][A-Z] y[a-z][A-Z]cs etc..
  5. Thanks, dude. I had that same bug. Thanks for the fix! P.S. When the song is not found, the search in google options is disabled. But when no results are found, that's when i want to search on google! In fact, I shouldn't even have to hold down control in order for that to happen...
  6. Version 1.5.0 is here. Here are the improvements: A checkmark appears on the icon when your regex is valid (correct syntax). Regex will not execute invalid regexs. It is…awesome. You have full control to do custom regexing by opening the file at ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Workflow Data/com.verykiwi.com/RegexSequences.pl. Your custom regexs remain even when updating Regex. Quoted regexs (sq) can be saved.
  7. Hi, deanishe. I was using your Packal workflow. I input "packal workflows regex". The "Regex" workflow has a read question mark next to it. What does it mean? How can I, the author, fix the issue?

    1. deanishe


      Hi Matthew,

      The icons are documented in the README: https://github.com/deanishe/alfred-packal-search#icons

      What the question mark means is that the workflow is available on Packal, but you didn't install if from there (i.e. the search workflow didn't find Packal's metadata within the workflow). I'd expect authors to see the question mark next to their own workflows, seeing as they're probably running it from their own copy of the source code. So it sh...

  8. Perform a search and replace on copied text, and save regexs for future use. Download: http://code.instructorium.com/downloads/Regex.alfredworkflow Please visit http://code.instructorium.com/regex for more information. (also on Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/regex ) A summary is below: Commands you can use: 1. Any regular expression (no keyword necessary, Perl-style) "s/this/that/msg" "s@\$(\d+)\.(\d{2})@$1 dollars and $2 cents@g", etc. 2. Follow your regular expression with " save as " and then a name in order to save it for future use. "s&this&am
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