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  1. I have a problem with this workflow after updatering to El Capitan. Adding a task ('r something') freezez the Reminders App for some minute, after showing that it has added the reminder. Oddly, it also seems to make Reminders unstable after adding a single reminder, to the point where I need to reboot El Capitan in order to get Reminders working smoothly again (!). As I've written before, this script is a key in my everyday workflow - thank you Jack for all your work with it!
  2. Thanks. Too bad about Firefox, but just to (again) state how much I love this script, I am in the process of switching to Safari as my default browser. I hate the tab management, but the ability to quickly add reminders means a lot!
  3. First: WONDERFUL addon, I am using it all the time. A huge thank you for creating and maintaing this! Two feature requests: 1. Being able to add information to the comment section of a task, not just the title. For instance 'r Check into that // www.thatthing.com' should create a reminder 'Check into that' with notes section 'www.thatthing.com'. Handy when I want to add phone numbers to call etc. 2. Support for Firefox when adding a reminder. Thanks
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