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  1. +1 on this. I _really_ need to be able to quickly paste html formatted text into Apple Mail. Currently what I do (I hate webmail) is use PostBox for the 4 accounts I frequently need to use canned replies for, even though I prefer Apple Mail. While what I desperately need is HTML snippets, rich snippets that have placeholders (not time/date, placeholder for content typed when the snippet is inserted) . would be an even bigger benefit to Alfred.
  2. Thank you for this! Any thoughts on adding support for opening a projects or git repos ( https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=alefragnani.project-manager )
  3. I find create snippets cumbersome, so I often don't do it. Is there an easier way to create snippets on the fly than opening up alfred preferences and filling things in there? It really seems like there should be a workflow where I can take something in my clipboard history and quickly make it into a saved snippet.
  4. Anyone know if this workflow still works? I just install ScreenHero OSX, integrated with Slack, then installed this workflow but it doesn't work. The default SH shortcut doesn't seem to even be recognized. I tried changing it to "foodbar" and it was recognized, but only to launch ScreenHero, it still hasn't picking up users so I could quickly start a user with the by name.
  5. Thank you Jason for an excellent workflow. I wish I'd known you'd updated it sooner! It wasn't until today while telling my business partner about it I notice the new version. It's great! Hurray for project support!. Project support in the workflow means I can finally use projects in toggl and that in turn means I'll finally be motivated enough to work out an API integration between Toggl and our (home built / bespoke) time card and invoicing system. Yay! no more manual entry between things is coming soon.
  6. Is there a modifier or way that I'm missing to just search for and paste in a code snippet from Dash? I know there is a profile inside Dash called "Search Snippets" that restricts searching to snippets only and setting that inside dash seems affect what the dash keyword returns in Alfred. The think is sometimes I want to search Dash's docs and sometimes I want to search Dash's snippets. Maybe a separate keyword?
  7. Liking this workflow, but it really would be nice to add project support. Something like toggl+ #project blah blah blah Right now I've changed how I use toggle to accommodate this workflow: toggl+ project_initials - blah blah blah and then not really using projects, just going of the project initials. It's not a huge deal for me, but actually using toggl's features would be cool
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