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  1. In MAC OS Sierra , a simple regular expression search of *.csv , *.pdf its not possible in FINDER. Any alfred workflow to perform the search of files based on file type
  2. Are there any possible existing workflow which allow to move window applications between workspaces and even different monitors. Window management in MAC OS Sierra sucks
  3. Thanks vero, I am not sure whether it will work with atext expansion.
  4. Any possible workflow to import snippets from text expander/atext to alfred in future ? It would hard to migrate more than 100 snippets one by one.
  5. this is the best work flow and similar replacement of HUD in ubuntu
  6. you may be right , you can move this thread to the help and section forum.
  7. I am very new to mac world and this awesome alfred. I have a strange issue when shutting down system using alfred system command. These are the behaviours which I have noticed. 1) It takes bit longer time than when selected from the apple icon menu. 2)It does not shutdown properly, screen goes black with the pointer showing in the screen. Have to force shutdown when this happens. The above two behaviours are shown some times but not guaranteed.(most of the time). I currently use Mavericks and latest version of alfred.v(2.5.1)
  8. No worries, you have done a amazing job and keep up the good work , I will try to find the more details why it does not work only for chrome
  9. yup, as you see in this image , menu search works for all the application except chrome , I have even tried to reinstall the workflow and my chrome version is "Version 38.0.2125.111" Do i need to enable permission else where, Sorry for my ignorance, I am pretty new to this mac world. Thanks for a such a wonderful workflow.
  10. This is content of the menu dump file and I am using Mavericks os. /Library/Application\ Support/Alfred\ 2/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.7ACA3ED0-0BB3-4F53-BD3E-74DA8D92977F/menudump ; exit; The menu structure wasn't readable. Make sure that 'Enable access for assistive devices' is checked in OS/X Settings.logout
  11. Just to mention I just added a trigger as show in this image. http://imgur.com/y62MWg6
  12. But it did not work for me , do I need to reinstall the alfred plugin, check the attachment
  13. Hi, This is the awesome workflow which is most lovable feature in Ubuntu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_WW-DHqR3c and missed it so badly in Mavericks and you made my day. The only problem which I have now is it does not show the menus for the chrome browser ? what should be done in order to fix that ? I have installed the latest version from packal
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