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  1. Hi, ever since I updated to the latest version of Spotify, Spotifious seems to have stopped working. While I can search for things fine, it does not detect songs playing and does not change songs. Is this a known problem with the update or is this a problem with just me?
  2. Hi, I tried to use your workflow but I get this error every time I try to search for something. Do you know what the problem is and how I can resolve it?
  3. Hi, thanks for your reply. I was going through all of the things that you'd asked me to do and nothing was working - including trying to run the AppleScript for the current track -, until I ran the activate Spotify code in AppleScript. It came up with an error but opened Spotify anyway. After that, everything's been working fine - all of the AppleScript works perfectly without error, and Spotifious works fine! Thanks for your help!
  4. Yeah, I've tried restarting Spotify, Alfred and my computer plenty of times, and the issue hasn't gone away since I originally posted.
  5. I'm having some problems with Spotifious at the moment. It was working great when I installed it, but it suddenly stopped working and I don't think I did anything that might have affected it. Searching things works fine, but the workflow doesn't open Spotify, I can't see what's playing and selecting songs doesn't open Spotify. I'm using the latest version of Spotify and the latest version of Alfred on OS X Yosemite. Do you know what might be wrong?
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