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  1. Hi Carlos, Me too. When I use @notebook it creates the note OK, but creates the note body from the clipboard Edit: I am using 8.992 Thanks Nick
  2. Hi Dean, Regarding any extra functionality although I have mapped hotkeys to add to favourites and remove from favourites within Default Folder, it would be useful I think to have these functions as Alfred Actions? Cheers Nick
  3. Hi Dean, I get a message on the new version that says "Updating DFX data this won't take a second." It does not update the possible selections until you reload Any thoughts? Thanks Nick
  4. Hi Dean, Thanks for the post. Yes very happy for this post to be "hijacked." Thanks again for your continued effort you have put into this and all the other great work you do in this forum.
  5. Thanks FroZen and thanks (again) Dean. Now a good little coding project for me when I get time would be to save each screenshot with the name of the window it grabbed (or main screen) like Tiny.
  6. This looks an ideal workflow, but your link has expired FroZen. Could you upload again please? Many thanks Nick
  7. For reference for any other users deanishe has resolved all the issues on this. Many thanks to him for sorting!
  8. I hear you re the cache and security. Likewise I'm not too comfortable posting the log with the list of all the files, I'll I PM you this. Many tahnks again for this
  9. Hi, can't seem to get the workflow reset to work. It comes up underneath, but selecting and hitting return does not work. I have manually deleted it and run again and here is the new cache https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7879026/gh-releases-deanishe-alfred-default-folder-x.cpickle
  10. Hi, no errors only the following and then the list of files. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7879026/net.deanishe.alfred-dfx.txt
  11. Thanks Dean it was not displaying the log from within Alfred, but found the log file in console and it is pulling it all back. Yes using version 5.02. This is an example or a recent file... 14:55:12 dfx.py:155 DEBUG entry=DfxEntry(type=u'rfile', path=u'/Users/USERNAME/Downloads/dualview/readme.txt', name=u'readme.txt', pretty_path=u'~/Downloads/dualview/readme.txt')
  12. That is so generous of you so many thanks! Not sure whether this is a problem my end (although the applescript code you sent through works in script editor) but it is just waiting for results with the fetching your stuff from DFX
  13. I have tried with and without that to no joy. the Applescript works great, just not getting the Python to pull it back and display it. sorry for being a Python Noob, presume there is no way to do this without the python?
  14. So sorry to pester you Dean. I had that but nothing is coming back, should there anything in the python script before the import subprocess. I notice there was a from collections in your reminders code
  15. Thanks Dean so the Script Filter is calling an python script (rather than code in the Script Filter) which in turn is calling the dfxfolders.scpt?
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