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  1. Hi Carlos, Me too. When I use @notebook it creates the note OK, but creates the note body from the clipboard Edit: I am using 8.992 Thanks Nick
  2. This is a wonderful workflow. What would be extra specially great would be to select the account it was being sent from. I have 3 email addresses I use so it would be great to say "mailto paul with acct1name" Is this possible?
  3. Hi, Yes i have tried from within the directory, but still the same problem. Happy to hold on and thanks for all your hard work on this, it is much appreciated!
  4. Yes I agree this would be REALLY useful. Love this workflow. This would make it perfect
  5. Sorry yes it is. Do you have any plans to include Folders in your searches as most of my projects are folders with sub-projects in them that have tasks?
  6. Yes .offp works (although it does not find folder names which is pretty important to me) Thanks again
  7. Hi, Great improvements here many thanks. Even after deleting cache I still can get the oftp to work (says loading tasks) although context, perspectives, inbox etc all work. Any thoughts on how I can resolve? Thanks Nick
  8. All of them fail. But this came after I loaded a new omnifocus window with an old backup file to copy some tasks across to the current OF DB. Thanks Nick
  9. thanks for a great workflow. I now seem to have acquired a bug - it just says "loading tasks" Any ideas? Thanks Nick
  10. OK thanks Carlos. I did reorder them in the timezones.txt, but it made no difference. Will try deleting and adding manually. Thanks again Nick EDIT. This worked thanks
  11. Hi Carlos, Is there a way to search for the notebook name or the tag name? Many thanks for this great workflow.
  12. Hi Carlos. MUCH better thanks. One final question from me. Is it possible to order them by UTC as follows: Los Angeles UTC -7 New York UTC -4 London UTC 0 Mumbai UTC+5.5 Tokyo UTC +9 Can't get the $RANDOM fix you mentioned earlier to do this to work. Thanks great work!!
  13. Brilliant. What a workflow! Is there any way to amend the file types rather than scripts and plain text I would like Word docs and Excels docs? Thanks again.
  14. Wow! Speedy work! I can't get the interaction to work with the open/save box after the update, it comes up with a folder cannot be found error Also will this interaction work with attach for emails too (I use Outlook) Thanks again for all your work on this. Awesome!
  15. I am having difficulty adding cities - cant' add Mumbai. Any thoughts? Thanks for a great workflow
  16. Great thanks. A hotkey to the favourites would be perfect. Thanks again Love the interaction with the open/save dialogue!
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