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  1. Great workflow, thanks for this, especially creating the HTML link part. I have been looking for something like this for a while. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth but one thing that would be really cool is if I have any text highlighted on the page to be put in blockquotes with citation and have the Page Title link added to the end. For example, using the Alfred homepage, lets say I highlight this text: "Alfred saves you time when you search for files online or on your Mac. Be more productive with hotkeys, keywords and file actions at your fingertips." Calling the 'url' workf
  2. Ok it turns out there is already a workflow that gets the first part of what I am looking for: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/538-send-url/ Pretty slick stuff. I am digging into it to see if I can implement the blockquote part and will also ask the developer of Send URL what his thoughts are.
  3. Hi, I want to create a workflow so that when I am looking at a web page in Chrome I can copy the page's URL and Page Title and then when I paste it has created an HTML link with the URL and Page Title as anchor text. For example lets say I am on Alfred homepage - http://www.alfredapp.com/ I use the keyboard combo of Shift+Control+Command+C and Alfred takes the URL (http://www.alfredapp.com/) and page title (Alfred App - Productivity App for Mac OS X) and creates this on the clipboard: <a href="http://www.alfredapp.com/" title="Alfred App - Productivity App for Mac OS X">Alfred
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