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  1. Hi frankspin, I too would like to know the answer to jwhitmarsh's question. When slackfred sends me to https://api.slack.com/web, all is see is a button that allows me to generate test tokens. Someone at my work suggested creating a slack bot and using its API token, but that's not ideal, since the bot will be a completely separate user. Can you please provide some input on this? Thanks! Michael
  2. Suddenly, my Packal Updater started reporting this error: [iNFO: alfred.workflow.input.scriptfilter] <?xml version="1.0"?> <items><item arg="" valid="no"><arg></arg><title>Error: Packal Updater</title><subtitle>The workflow manifest is not valid, and there is no valid Internet connection to retrieve a new one.</subtitle><icon>assets/icons/task-reject.png</icon></item></items> I've tried deleting the com.packal directory from ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Workflow Data ...but it didn't help. Packal re-creates the directory and reports the same error when I try to run it. I do have a valid Internet connection. Thanks!
  3. Thank you so much! Worked perfectly. I look forward to using it with my new Spotify subscription!
  4. Hi, I've just started using Spotify, and as an avid user of Alfred, I was excited to discover this workflow. Unfortunately, I keep getting the error below when the mini player builds (or re-builds) its library (about half way through building process): Error(getUserPlaylistTracks): playlist id I've created the "Alfred Playlist", but still having no luck getting my library re-build process complete successfully. Here is the image of the full stack trace: Something I've just noticed in the stack is under #1, it makes a Spotify API request, but the URL is set to some local folder on your machine: /v1/users/vdesa... May be this is the issue...
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