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  1. Ok, i knew i was doing it wrong but even though i made research i didn't find the solution for it. I tested to put &amp instead of & and it work perfectly Thanks a lot guys Keep the good work you are doing great with this MUST HAVE application ;D
  2. I'm not used to deal with xml files but when i was developing one of my workflow (show google chrome tab) i couldn't see all of the suggestion it was supposed to be shown. And after a while i founded that putting the "&" character in the <title> or <subtitle> was making an error. For example this doesn't shows up in Alfred. <items> <item uid="suggest {query}" arg='plop'> <title> a tab </title> <subtitle> http://www.alfredforum.com/page/index.html?do=add&category= </subtitle> <valid> yes </valid> <icon> icon.png </icon> </item> <items> But this shows up: <items> <item uid="suggest {query}" arg='plop'> <title> a tab </title> <subtitle> http://www.alfredforum.com/page/index.html?do=add"and"category= </subtitle> <valid> yes </valid> <icon> icon.png </icon> </item> <items> Maybe i am doing things wrong but this is what i founded. I am using: - The latest beta build b105 - Mac osx 10.8.2 If you need more information just let me know i'll tell you more Have a nice day ps: sorry for the spelling or grammar mistakes -- The Lord Of The Loutre
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