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  1. Thanks for replying Vero and Andrew! I wish it were as simple as it not being enabled. It's that when I have it enabled I can use what currently exists in the clipboard, but I cannot copy new items to the clipboard from a subset of the applications on the local system. Is that a better description?


    I wish it were that I'm a budding power user who need but a simple nudge in the right direction(enable the damn thing). Alas, it seems to be either an actual bug or a potential conflict with another user-space application? There's an intermittence to the issue as well; on restart it will work correctly for a seemingly arbitrary amount of time. I'm assuming I'm the only one reporting such troubles post-upgrade to the latest Yosemite? So hopefully it's something simple and not a change in how the system calls for clipboard are being made. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    Happy to gather any requisite info!

  2. When you enable integration with 3rd parties in 1Password, it creates a file of readable information for apps like Alfred to use so that it can present you with results. This only includes your primary vault. As such, Alfred can't work around that without 1Password providing the data.


    Check 1Password's forum to see whether this request has been made before; Otherwise it may be worth letting them know you're interested in seeing this added. :)

    Thanks Vero. So you believe the correct behavior to be for 1password to create just one file that contains info from multiple vaults?


    I would have assumed that each vault would have its very own generated file; being as I have to enable 3'rd party integration on a per vault basis. What would make more sense to me is for Alfred to allow someone to list the location of multiple files or directories from which to slurp up the bookmarks.


    Is the contents.json file not the file used by Alfred? As I see that file existing for each vault and containing nearly the same information that additionally exists within the 1password helper bookmarks json file.

  3. Hi All,


    Hoping someone knows if it is possible to use the 1password alfred integration for more than just one 1password vault. If so, then how do I do so?


    I have one vault for work and another for personal. Ideally I would like both to be available via Alfred. Otherwise the muscle memory will never develop due to the mental overhead associated with having to ask myself if this particular 1password login is available via the alfred shortcut. So having two vaults appears to more or less limit any benefit attained by using alfred with 1password.



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