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  1. I'm looking for a Giphy workflow that will allow me to search, when results are shown ideally I'd like to be able to see the gif preview on the right hand side (similar to the clipboard manager with images). Selecting the image should copy to clipboard and paste image, using an alt key should copy the direct URL. I'm sure I could build a workflow to do this using the API but wondered if anyone had already built one or come across one that can do all the above? I have one called Alphy but it doesn't have any preview features.
  2. I've noticed for months when I copy pieces of text/code, and then highlight some text and press paste, the most recently highlighted text is pasted which in affect changes nothing. Theres a strange behavior where something I highlight to replace gets copied to the clipboard, its quote frustrating. I initially thought it was some plugin in my Sublime Text editor thats messing around (as thats usually where I'm copying and pasting snippets in) but I've noticed it happens in my web browser as well. I have clipboard manager enabled in Alfred and wondered if theres something in Alfred t
  3. I have created a really simple File Action workflow that opens the selected folder in Sublime, like this: I noticed that using Run Terminal Command will open the Terminal window which I don't want, looking around the forums it says if I use Run Script instead it will run the command without opening the terminal window however I the exact same command... ... doesn't do anything. Am I doing something wrong?
  4. Yes the files are stored in .txt files I can see the extra context menu item 'Parse and Google' but nothing happens when I press it.
  5. Hey David Just thought I'd give you an update, I have completed the workflow after using Google Thanks for your help!
  6. Thanks for your response, I can code in PHP and Java, I'll can try in PHP if you could help me out with the bit before and after the PHP stuff.
  7. I've added it to Alfred but when selecting my text file and running 'Parse and Google' nothing happens :S
  8. I have text files which contain a string on each line like this.... Wiz Khalifa - See You Again Skrillex - Where are you now Blonde - All creid out I want to be able to select the text file and Run a file command to search for each line in a browser tab. How could I accomplish this?
  9. When selecting multiple items in and running CMD + ALT + \ Alfred with copy all filenames into the clipboard. What I want to do is extend this functionality either by having an option in the Alfred file menu or even a workflow? I want to be able to select a number of files and click on an option in the file menu that will copy it into my clipboard as follows: "scp {file(s)} user@remot.com:home/" e.g. scp testfile1.txt testfile2.txt user@server.com:documents/ Could someone help me implement this?
  10. Hello everyone I have been using Alfred for more than a year now (Powerpack User), I've learned how to create very basic work flows to run repetitive terminal commands I use however I would like to now do something a little more advanced and was hoping you guys can help me. I usually download videos from my Mac and copy them to a video folder in my NAS, the NAS can be seen/connected to via the Shared computers/drive section in Finder. What I would like to do is be able to invoke the 'selected file' action and have a menu item that will copy that file(s) to my movie folder in my NAS.
  11. Sweet! And yes I do have the power pack addon Could you tell me how I can do achieve this with Alfred?
  12. Is it possible to hook Alfred shortcuts or searches to currently selected text? for example I would like to high light a line of text in one of my applications and then fire up a shortcut to have it search for that term in Google.
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