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  1. Hey @Luciano Santana, I love what you did with this workflow. Was thinking that it'd be nice to be able to trigger additional timers from the pop-up window...any ideas on how to accomplish that? Would it be easy to assign additional buttons to the task(s)?


    For example, setting timer for '25 Are you still working?' and having the option to set an additional 25 min by clicking 'Yes' (context-specific) or '25 min' or whatever on pop-up window...

  2. I do recall that the window title is supposed to change. For me, it's not changing while holding Fn key, hovering with mouse, clicking, or any combination of those. It's really peculiar as I remember it working well when I first created my custom theme. As a last resort, I may try to reinstall Alfred and see if that resolves the issue. Thanks for the help, @Tsunami. Have a great weekend.

  3. I like the idea of transforming inputs before passing them to a script.


    Is there a way to capitalize the first letter of a input AND add a period if one does not exist (prior to passing to script)? It would be similar to using the transform utility. I don't see an option for sentence capitalization.


    I use Alfred to append notes from OS X selections. Sometimes the selections begin with a lowercase character &/or is not punctuated.


    Any solutions?

  4. I keep a running list of quick-jots in Evernote. They are compiled by prepending text, separated by "––", to an already existing note (vs appending). Appending created too many spacing errors for my liking.


    I'm looking for a way to select all text (and inserted images) and reverse their order; in HTML preferably so that already existing font-styles are preserved.


    Example note content in Evernote:


    This item is noted here.


    Another item is noted here.

    - This is a bulleted item under previous note

    - This is another bullet


    Yet another item is here...


    ...and so on


    Any ideas or existing workflows?

  5. @deanishe


    Tested the workflow in the Kindle app; it works perfectly with 'hotkey + selection'. Maybe just an iBooks thing. Any workarounds for iBooks specifically?


    Also, because it was bugging me so much, I eventually figured out the bit about Alfred's 'append to file' output. Turns out I just had to add a physical return after the {query}. I feel so dumb for asking you about it.

  6. Strong work, @deanishe. I wish I had your python skills, Sir.


    I can only get Alfred to recognize input with 'hotkey + clipboard content' by first copying the text in iBooks. Were you able to pass input with 'hotkey + selection' alone? Also, Alfred's built-in 'append to file' output is great, but I can't figure out how to separate text with a blank line. Is there a python method I can tack onto the existing code?


    Side-note: I understand the appeal of argv. I like the simplicity, but what is the {query} equivalent for the argv input? Is it {argv}?


    Sorry for all the questions. I'm loving code way too much.

  7. When copying text from iBooks, pasting produces text + citation:




    “In preparing yourself for war, you must rid yourself of myths and misconceptions.”

    Excerpt From: Robert Greene & Joost Elffers. “The 33 Strategies of War.” iBooks. https://itun.es/us/jxwvv.l



    I'd like to be able to copy text only from iBooks (sans the citation and quotes ideally) and append to a separate plain text file. Really, it'd be wonderful to utilize Alfred's hotkey and selected text function as an input. So, highlight text in iBooks, hit a hotkey, have the citation stripped, and text appended to a separate file for review.


    Thoughts on how to accomplish?

  8. @deanishe I think I figured it out. It came down to \n vs. \r (which appeared to be "newlines"). Is there a way to change the code to recognize either newlines or carriage returns?


    Also, at the risk of annoying you...


    Say I have a document like the example below. It consists of groups of text separated by a empty line. So, TEXT + \n \n + TEXT repeated. I'd be nice to highlight all content in the document and have the script search and reformat just the TEXT portions (if they contained carriage returns or new lines) while preserving the empty line between each 'paragraph' of text.




    Nonetheless, while the true burden may be underestimated, the economic burden from both a sufferer’s and societal perspective is profound.


    One database analysis found that direct endometriosis- related costs were considerable and appeared driven by hospitalizations


    An actuarial analysis revealed that women with endometriosis incur total medical
    costs that are, on average, 63% higher than medical costs for the average woman
    in a commercially insured group.


    Others reported being “totally incapacitated” and even dismissed from or left their jobs due to symptoms.


    Most recent data indicate that the total annual burden of endometriosis-associated symptoms in the United States has reached a staggering $119 billion.



    I appreciate any help that you can provide.

  9. create a trigger that connects to the following applescript:

    tell application "iTunes"
    	set loved of current track to true
    end tell

    This didn't used to work with Apple Music, but it does now.


    Adding an Apple Music track throws up error "iTunes got an error: current track doesn’t understand the “add” message." number -1708 from current track


    So that's not easily possible at the moment.  

    You, Sir, are the man. I'll give this a try. Thank you

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