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  1. This would be a really awesome feature to have, I guess bumping it again in hopes of visibility. I was hopeful the app had a feature request flow but I don't see one so fingers crossed on this forum post.
  2. After researching this more I found a better URL to send to our Jira instance. Thanks for the reply.
  3. @vitor - I don't have access to that post for some reason. But the workflow works thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately now I cannot have it as a fallback search 😕
  4. I see in Alfred 5 we changed some of the encoding setup. I have a custom search that takes the query value and puts it into an Atlassian JQL search. Unfortunately Atlassian reserves the space character and now with the forced encoding I cannot find a way to keep it an actual space. More info on Atlassian JQL can be found https://confluence.atlassian.com/jirasoftwareserver0820/search-syntax-for-text-fields-1095249262.html. Essentially my resulting URL I want to send to the browser should look like this `https://URL/issues/?jql=text~"alfred app"` and my custom query looks like this `https://URL/issues/?jql=text~"{query}"` . Is there an option to not modify the query? This used to work in Alfred 4, I believe.
  5. Thanks for the fast answer, and I understand why you changed it now. One question regarding the icon that is displayed on the right of the search, which has priority? The workflow icon or the script filter icon?
  6. Let me start by saying great app, and keep up the phenomenal work because I don't know what I would do without Alfred. I apologize because I cannot remember the exact update but I noticed recently that the icon Alfred selects for hotkey triggers has changed. It seems that now Alfred will include the workflow icon as well as the step icon when using that type of trigger. An example of this is in the image below. In one of my workflows, which use the Chrome symbol as its icon, I have a hotkey to search Jira. If you look at the result list the Jira icon is now displayed there and this is the icon on that specific step in the workflow. Before the change where the Chrome symbol is would have been the Jira symbol, and no Chrome symbol would be present. I actual prefer the old icon selection, so I was wondering if this was an intended change? And if so is there a way to revert to the old path?
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