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  1. I believe the Basecamp token does expire after a bit, I don't remember exactly how long. There may be a way to refresh that token automatically, or provide some better feedback about what is happening in the future.
  2. Seems like it is having trouble parsing the response from Basecamp's server. Maybe try getting a new token and ensuring that the basecamp ids you specified are correct and/or still active?
  3. Don't see any errors there. It looks like possibly it worked but didn't find anything that matched "chk"? You may also want to try clearing cache by starting you command with a "!". Like: "bc !chk"
  4. @Tee Elem sorry for the delay. I just got around to taking a look. I have uploaded a new version of the workflow to Packal (2.1.6) which should address the issue you were seeing. https://www.packal.org/workflow/basecamp Let me know if that fixes it for you! Details about the fix can be found here: https://github.com/johnthepink/alfred2-basecamp/pull/12
  5. @Tee Elemthanks for the report. I think I have reproduced your issue and I will try to take a look soon. What version of Ruby are you running? To find out open the Terminal app, type: ruby -v and press enter.
  6. Just published 2.1.5 which should fix errors relating to the folder names.
  7. I just published version 2.1.2, which now supports returning more than 15 projects. I also confirmed it is working fine with Alfred 4. However, you may need to update a folder name depending on what is currently installed on your system. See this issue for the fix: https://github.com/johnthepink/alfred2-basecamp/issues/10
  8. @mhanes @jlogan you are right, I have not tested this with Alfred 4. I will try to get some time soon to address.
  9. Thanks. What does the actual log say? In /Users/antonio/Library/Logs/Alfred-Workflow.log
  10. antonio, I have recently updated the workflow to support Basecamp 3, which requires you to obtain a token to authorize your account. I posted the steps earlier in this thread, but you can also follow here https://github.com/johnthepink/alfred2-basecamp If that doesn't help, could you please post the error message alfred gives you?
  11. Just added a new build with a quick fix for token expiration. I'm trying to think of a better way to handle this in the future.
  12. Basecamp 3 Support! Hey everyone. I've added support for Basecamp 3 to the workflow (Basecamp 2 support still works). Whether you are using Basecamp 3, or Basecamp 2, if you update there is now a different process for authenticating. Visit this site to retrieve your Basecamp token Right click on the “bc” Script Filter and click “Configure”. Fill out your Basecamp information. Note that if you belong to more than one organization, you can enter them separated by commas. Organization ids can be found in the Basecamp URL: https://basecamp.com/xxxxxxx. The x’s are the ID you want. Each organization has it’s own id. Have fun. This will cache your results, so if you need to refresh start your query with: !
  13. Do you mind pasting what you have as the settings with your password xxxxxx-ed out?
  14. Davduf, Are you still getting the same error? #<URI::InvalidURIError: bad URI(is not URI?): https://basecamp.com/[dufresne@davduf.net]/api/v1/projects.json> That makes me think it's a problem with your settings. Your email with brackets shouldn't end up in the URL. That should actually be a basecamp company id. Do you mind pasting what you have as the settings with your password xxxxxx-ed out?
  15. Hey Davduf, Could you double check your settings by right clicking on the "bc" script and clicking "Configure"? basecamp_username="putusernamehere" basecamp_password="putpasswordhere" basecamp_email="putemailhere" basecamp_company_ids="basecamp,ids,separated,by,commas,here" It looks like you may be using the brackets, either remove those, or wrap your credentials in quotes like above.
  16. Hey all. I have got Basecamp 3 support working, and I will be shipping it shortly. They are about to make a breaking change that I am waiting on before I hand it over to you guys. See here if you're interested: https://github.com/basecamp/bc3-api/issues/2 Thanks!
  17. Just an update. Basecamp have begun to open up their Basecamp 3 API. I have gotten early access, and am chatting with them about the best way to proceed. Hopefully I will have some more information soon. Thanks!
  18. Hey Austin, I just looked in to adding Basecamp 3 support, and it looks like Basecamp hasn't released their API for v3 yet. They mention here that they plan on offering an API, but there is currently no timeline for it. I'm tracking the issue, so as soon as they announce it I will update the workflow. Sorry about the wait. Thanks!
  19. Austin, Glad you're getting some use out of it . I will try to take a look soon concerning Basecamp 3 support. Thanks for the heads up!
  20. Glad you figured it out! I need to update the docs to encourage wrapping in quotes.
  21. @grantholle Try putting your variables in quotes like this: basecamp_username="xxxxxx". If that doesn't work, try this for me: open Alfred preferences click on the Basecamp workflow click the little bug in the top right corner to bring up the debug panel run "bc " see if it puts out any errors and post them here
  22. That stinks. You should be able to open the log file in any kind of text editor, such as TextEdit. Let me know what you find in there.
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