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  1. I may have deleted the included lucky search. It's not there at least. What's the URL so I can re-create it?
  2. I have been using Alfred for switching between different apps for a long time. I have also found multiple desktop a useful way to cleanly separate different projects and have all the necessary apps, browser tabs etc. open for the different projects. However I have always been super annoyed with how macOS decides to auto switching between desktops when switching apps (or more precisely showing hidden applications). Today I found a solution: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4995042?tstart=0: defaults write com.apple.dock workspaces-auto-swoosh -bool NO killall Dock I can finally use multiple desktops without frustration. My deepest thanks goes out to whoever shared this originally (the link in the thread above seems to be dead).
  3. 1. I'm trying to avoid using Alfred since I'll be changing Alfred itself, and therefor can't count on having Alfred workflows available when I swap sync folder. Can it be saved within an additional entry in com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-Preferences-3.plist or is that risky? 2. If I wanted to save these Applescript and bash scripts somewhere on the disk in user space, what would an obvious place to be for? I'm thinking, not Dropbox or Google Drive since I cannot count on that being installed. I'm also thinking I wouldn't want to clutter the user folder ~/ or the ~/Documents folder, but somewhere invisible, but obvious.
  4. That works, thanks. There's one final bonus feature I'm considering Now we have done switching to a sync folder that I can specify (global hotkey achieved with BetterTouchTool). What could be interesting would be to press another shortcut and it goes back to the previous sync folder, whatever that was. We'd have to save the value of syncfolder in the plist somewhere to do that. Any suggestions? In any case, thank both of you for your help, I now have the core functionality I was looking for.
  5. Thanks vitor. Well this is strange... it almost works, but doesn't: 1. I quit alfred 2. Change the value "syncfolder" of plist "com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-Preferences-3.plist" the desired path. I can verify that it's been changed by opening and inspecting. 3. Launch Alfred, all my workflows etc. are still there. 4. A moment after I launch Alfred, the syncfolder property resets to it's old value. It's overwritten at launch with the old value instead of dictating new behavior. Any suggestions?
  6. No I didn't restart it. That should probably work. It sounds like a promising solution could be to have a script that: 1. quit Alfred 2. change sync folder in ~/Library/Preferences/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-Preferences-3.plist 3. launch Alfred What is the easiest way to achieve this? Apple Script? Launcher via BetterTouchTool perhaps. I don't know so much Apple Script, can anyone get me started? :-)
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. It seems like the system responds within ~10 seconds when you move the workflows in/out of the folder. Not ideal, but an acceptable solution if nothing better comes up. 1. Do you know how the naming scheme e.g. "user.workflow.FA536ACA-8101-4A71-90ED-2B54B90672E6" is decided? Is it some kind of hash value from the workflow title and contents? So I could assume that this name will very likely not collide with some other workflow name? 3. However besides just the workflow, I'd actually all of the Alfred stuff (snippets, resources, features etc.) to be easily toggled. I did try to move the whole folder, but that didn't seem to work well (or at all). I just don't know what copy and what to leave inside the Alfred.alfredpreferences package. I want to move as much as possible, but at the same time, it should work reliably. Since moving just "workflows" worked semi-well, and all of Alfred.alfredpreferences didn't work at all, I don't know how much trial and error I'm willing to through. Any suggestions? 3. Finally I also looked for the "Advanced" pane, in hope of digging up the "syncing folder" setting somewhere, which would supposedly solve all the problems, but I can't find it. Is it possible to set the syncing folder programmatically?
  8. Hi, Problem: I sometimes need to help family or friends with some stuff on their MBP. However, I'm much more efficient if all my usual Alfred workflows works. However my friends/family wouldn't want to have those workflows enabled all of the time. What I'm looking for: A global shortcut or Alfred workflow to enable/disable a set of Alfred workflows. I don't see any way to do it in Alfred itself, unfortunately. BetterTouchTool allows for a global shortcut to enable a specific profile, which is genius; with one keystroke I can enable a set of keyboard shortcuts that work for me when I use the computer. Any suggestions?
  9. Netflix Search Workflow

    That's fully understandable :-) Perhaps you should edit the thread title to say it's deprecated now.
  10. Hi, I'd really like to see support for dictionary lookup in more than one language. For example "den" for english words and "dda" for danish words etc. I.e. user-customizable keywords for dictionary lookups in specific languages.
  11. Works wonderfully! Much appreciated. You should update your first post with this if you haven't :-)
  12. I have a slight problem with the hotkey version. After using e.g. "Title case" hotkey, it doesn't just alter the letter cases, but also adds a line break. Any way to avoid / fix this?
  13. I ended up using the hotkey version. Despite the slightly annoying delay, it was more what I was looking for
  14. I deleted instances / mention of uid in those two files, but now the workflow doesn't really work. Nothing pops up when i choose "case" or "casep". Oh well...